Making Cities Resilient:
My City is Getting Ready

A decision support tool

Coastal Resilience is a tool that provides communities, planners, businesses, and officials a step-wise process to guide decisions to reduce the risks of coastal hazards. The coastal resilience approach and mapping are to provide information of restoration, adaptation and conservation decisions around the world.

Information covered by this Mapping Portal includes:
- Risk Exploration: Explore where people, property and natural resources are most at risk
- Restoration Efforts: Examine both ecological and socio-economic factors that determine the success of restoring coastal habitats
- Resilient Communities: Inform communities about their options, identify adaptation solutions, and track their success

The Coastal Resilience web mapping portal allows users to visualize ecological, social, and economic information alongside sea level rise and storm surge scenarios. The tool also includes customized applications or "apps" that cater to the needs of stakeholders, policies and planning processes.