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HCFDC is a nonprofit organization, headquartered in Paris, France. As an independent think tank, HCFDC conducts research and analysis on global security issues and new solutions towards a resilient society. Founded in 1982, long headed by Maurice Schumann, HCFDC is an exchange platform bringing together elected members, citizens associations, experts, industries and critical infrastructure operators. Jean-René Lecerf, Senator, is the current President of HCFDC. In close relationship with relevant actors in the field of internal security and domestic preparedness (public and private), HCFDC facilitates contacts and provides them with an open forum to discuss and shape future initiatives. HCFDC holds influential events and organizes many activities: symposiums, monthly breakfast debates in the French Senate, Webinars, training courses and awards. With the objective of raising leaders awareness and responsiveness, HCFDC has set up a year-round training course entitled « Resilience and Societal Security » which brings together around 50 participants and focuses on major threats and risks, and emergency and crisis management. 
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