Local Government Profile
Banda Aceh - Indonesia
Ms. Illiza Sa'aduddin DJamal
Banda Aceh City is an active member of United Cities and Loal Government (UCLG) and Local Government for Sustainability (ICLEI). Furthermore the City also involving on Making City Resilient Campaign, My City Getting Ready launched by UNISDR since 2010
Website of the city : www.bandaacehkota.go.id/
Size : 61,36 km2 sq km
Population : 2014 - 249,282
Leader Title : Mayor
Part Of : Aceh
Hazards : Drought, Earthquake, Flood, Technical Disaster, Tornado, Tsunami, Volcano
As one of the worst location struck by earthquake and tsunami on December 2004, Banda Aceh City greatly developed on various sector. The City Spatial Plan has been included into the City Middle Local Development Plan (RPJMD 2012-2017). The City has established the Local DM Office since 2011. Some DRR activities carrying out by government office as sector program. The risk assessment is on progress for review to ensure the specific information on risks information is consider. The Disaster Management Plan also formulated. On infrastructure aspect, the city has developed some of critical protection infrastructures to the city like for flood protection. The city has allocated some fund to guarantee the maintenance and operation of water and sanitation is available during the emergency condition. The physical building of school and health facilities has consider the safety aspect to disaster especially post tsunami on Dec 2004. On software aspect the education data is running on online base. The disaster information spread out to the community has been carry out regularly with small area coverage. The early warning equipment is available for tsunami risk and some 4 evacuation building was build at some areas prone to tsunami. The City actively involves on the green city program that has fulfill 18% of the city as green area. In general the city has a strong base for DRR activities implementation. More effort is require to assure the DRR understanding of various stakeholders included the parliament to support the budget allocation. Meanwhile the community understanding and participation on DRR also need more development in the region.
The topographic condition of the City is located -0,45 m - 1,000 m above sea level that makes the city prone to inundation during the high tide. The city also passing by 7 rivers that prone to flood during the rainy season that exacerbated by limited drainage facility. The earthquake and tsunami also become as the threaten to the city consider the city is located at faults of Eurasia and Australia. The city also experiencing on the availability of drinkable water especially post the earthquake 2004. The flood risk is increasing in the city triggered by change of land use post tsunami 2004 especially on housing development without consider the construction of drainage and other environment aspects. Based on the IRBI (Index of Indonesia Disaster Risks), Banda Aceh City classified as high risk area at the rank of 15 in Indonesia.
UN Live United Nations Web TV - 3rd UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (14-18 March 2015, Sendai, Japan) - Representative from the Local Authorities Major Group, 8th Plenary Meeting