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Hyogo Prefecture - Japan
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ROLE MODEL CITY Comprehensive Disaster Risk Governance

HAZARD AND VULNERABILITY PROFILE Major disasters that have occurred in the past
Among disasters occurred in Hyogo, the following are the ones with the largest amounts of human suffering.
1. Southern Hyogo Earthquake (January 1995)
Death: 6,402
Injured: 40,092
2. Heavy rain caused by the seasonal rain front (July 1938)
Death: 731
Injured: 1,463
3. Typhoon Muroto (September 1934)
Death: 281
Injured: 1,523

Prevailing hazards and vulnerable conditions
Examining previous disaster occurrences, major disasters expected to occur in Hyogo are as follows:
1. Flooding incurred by heavy rain due to the seasonal rain front and typhoons
2. Landslide disasters in mountainous areas including Mt. Rokko
3. Earthquakes originating from the Yamazaki Fault and the Nankai Trough.

DISASTER AND RISK REDUCTION ACTIVITIES Through periodically reassessing earthquake damage estimate, the prefecture is aware of the latest disaster risks and translates them into disaster management and mitigation measures.

In addition, the prefecture developed the Phoenix Disaster Management System so as to boost its disaster preparedness. The system can predict the extent of disaster damage on the basis of information collected from local terminals installed in disaster management agencies as well as seismometers located throughout the prefecture, enabling estimates of the demand and supply of people and goods required for an initial emergency response. All information gathered at the system are shared with local outposts.