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Praia - Cabo Verde
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HAZARD AND VULNERABILITY PROFILE In search of better job opportunities and improved quality of life, people from different islands of Cape Verde, West Coast of Africa and other countries are moving to Praia. These people are mostly poor and are very vulnerable socio-economically. They build unstable structures in high-risk areas that are not controlled by the local authorities because they do not have access to quality housing. There was an exponential increase in neighbourhoods and illegal buildings located on the steep slopes and flood plains, which represent a great risk, especially during the rainy season. A number of years ago, outbreaks of Cholera and Dengue demonstrates how fragile the sewage system is, and every year floods, urban fires and other accidents of lesser degree occur in our county.

DISASTER AND RISK REDUCTION ACTIVITIES Information, education and raise awareness campaign to people of different age and social strata, with primary emphasis on the student community, covering different schools in the city. The types of risks in the city are addressed and protective measures including how to prevent assaults, what to do if something happens and recovering from any attack.

Participation of Civil Protection technicians some technical training sessions.

Identify, assess and seek viable solutions to mitigate different types of risks in the municipality, including floods, landslides, urban fires, road accidents, collapse of structures, drowning’s, etc.

Upgrade the slope of the Vila Nova, including construction of surface water drainage channels and other interventions. On-going search for programs and partners to finance structural projects to reduce the risk of floods and mass movements (structural damage) in the city of Praia.