Making Cities Resilient:
My City is Getting Ready


Are you a local government leader, a technical expert, an activist or an individual who want to actively promote disaster risk reduction and local resilience? Be a change agent of your city and community by joining the Making Cities Resilient Campaign as an Advocate!

Advocates will play an active role in advancing campaign messages, reporting on progress, providing policy recommendations, sharing knowledge and promoting city-to-city learning and collaborations. They are expected to demonstrate knowledge in the field of DRR, seek opportunities when applicable to promote the Ten Essentials and call for action for building local resilience within cities and among partners .

UNDRR will provide support for the Advocate at their own will. Innovative ideas and suggestions made by Advocates for further development the Campaign are very much encouraged and welcomed by the UNDRR.

To become an Advocate:

Step 1: Submit the application form

Step 2: Selection and Recognition by the UNDRR

Step 3: Commitment on activities

For more info download and read the detailed guidelines.