Local Government Profile
Sendai - Japan
Emiko Okuyama
We sincerely hope that our efforts will help to lessen the impact of disasters around the world, even if only a little a bit.
Size : 785.85 km2 sq km
Population : 2014 - 1,072,564
Hazards : Earthquake, Flood, Tsunami

Promoting community-based disaster risk reduction and empowering people to act on disaster risk reduction.

Located on the Pacific side of the Tohoku region, Sendai City (referred to below simply as Sendai) has been hit by earthquakes emanating from the Japan Trench. Even for Japan, the city is known for frequent earthquakes, and it is projected that an earthquake of magnitude 7 or greater with a hypocenter off the coast of Miyagi Prefecture, where Sendai is located, hits around once every thirty years (In January 2010, before the Great East Japan Earthquake, there was a 99% probability the area would be hit by such an earthquake within thirty years). On account of geographical factors, major rains cause flooding in the area. The major disasters that have occurred are as described in the attached sheet.
Disaster risk reduction activities of Sendai City are follows; - Establishing the Sendai City Regional Disaster Prevention Plan which specifies the roles of the municipal government, the prefectural government of Miyagi, private businesses, local associations and others in tackling disaster preparedness efforts and calls for all actors involved to share the same understanding and to cooperate in their implementation. - Securing the budget for mitigating disasters - Ascertaining and utilizing risk information - Developing infrastructure to mitigate damage from disasters - Ensuring safety through checks of structures - Disaster prevention training at schools, etc. - Introducing an early reporting system - During the process of creating the reconstruction plan, consideration was given to the opinions of citizens, including those impacted by the disaster, since the draft proposal stage.
Moving Forward As One SENDAI