Local Government Profile
Mashhad - Iran, Islamic Rep of
Seyed Solat Mortazavi
Mashhad City of community contribution in DRR
Website of the city : mdmd.mashhad.ir
Size : 850km sq km
Population : 2009 - 2,427,316
Leader Title : Mayor (Ŝahrdār)
Part Of : Iran
Hazards : Earthquake, Flood

Disaster Awareness and Education

In Khorasan Razavi province and city of Mashhad, 30 different types of 42 types of unexpected events happen that the most important of them is earthquakes and floods. We have eight kinds of floods in Khorasan province even Mashhad is high risk place in Khorasan province. Also, in recent years, drought has also cover more than 92% provincial lands. In recent year, Frostbite and Temperature under 27 - and 56 cm of snow influencing the Mashhad. In Mashhad we have different kind of unexpended events liken Storms, landslides and climate change.

In 50 years has been unprecedented. Mashhad offices were closed for 2 days. Schools of different levels were closed for 15 days. All flights were cancelled for 2 days in Mashhad Airport.

We have a 24 thousand home water pipe freezing. About 8396 we have damage in the network and wastewater facilities. 1500 car accident in Mashhad: 1 person killed and 88 people wounded, 1182 person being trapped in snow and ice storm. The largest industrial town in Khorasan was closed, 3500 person unemployment and 1 / 5 billion tomans damage. The gas network was damage in certain powerhouse and some large factory.12 CNG fuel was closed in Mashhad. Electricity network was damage in some parts of Mashhad. Gas of All office departments was cutting. Flood losses since 1995, 10 person were killed because of flood since 1995 and 11 person were injured and damage. In Unexpected Situations more than 200 dead and 5200 were injured because of Earthquake since 1980.
In recent years, effective measures to reduce disaster damage have been done that written below:
1. Management of the crisis formed in the large cities, including Mashhad.
2. Organizing cultural and artistic activities (for example cartoon festival in Mashhad with 253 artists from 44 countries).
3. More attention to the special topics such as building design resistant, national building regulations and Retrofitting and reconstruction of buildings after the earthquake, to deal with non-structural construction and engineering, education, professional engineers.
4. Design and compilation projects and executive Samen be more than the 8 cases including:
A) Management of crisis from north east formed in Mashhad.
B) Making more than 60 crisis management (program in five year).
C) Training to the Mashhad pilgrims with the concepts of crisis. Management and training program during 4 years for all Iranians.
D) Codification Mashhad GEM Earthquake Risk Model.
E) Flooded is one of the urban problems in Mashhad.
F) Held the technical manoeuvres and develop earthquake scenarios for the Metropolis.
G) Design Communication System Management Crisis.
H) Designed the first Middle East crisis management training park in Mashhad