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Dilanthi  Amaratunga
Profile Description

Location: United Kingdom
Country Coverage: EU countries, South Asia, Pacific, Australia and New Zealand
Regional Coverage: EU and Asia
Field of Expertise: Disaster risk reduction
Language: English, Sinhalese

Advocate Biography

Professor Dilanthi Amaratunga is a leading expert in disaster resilience with an international reputation. She current leads the Global Disaster Resilience Centre, a global leader in inter-disciplinary research, education and advocacy to improve the resilience of nations and communities at the University of Huddersfield, UK. Her research interests include disasters and the built environment; capacity building; socio-economic measures for disaster risks; gender and protection; Preparedness for response, recovery and reconstruction, conflict affected societies; Risk management and sustainability; and Public policy, governance and procurement. An interdisciplinary background in construction management, facilities and business continuity management, education and training, disaster mitigation and reconstruction provides her the opportunities to work across a broader disaster management research agenda including developing partnerships of international research teams, government, NGOs and communities.

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