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2017 Items

COP23 focus on early warning systems

Vulnerable communities in Africa, the Pacific and Caribbean are now benefiting from improved early warning systems against extreme weather as part of an international drive to boost resilience and climate change adaptation.
16 Nov 2017 News briefs

Iran to investigate construction in quake zone

The collapse of some state-built homes in Sunday’s earthquake in western Iran was evidence of corruption, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told a cabinet meeting today, according to state media.
15 Nov 2017 News briefs

Youth hold tsunami summit in Japan

For the second year, a High School students Summit was organised in Japan to mark World Tsunami Awareness Day. Young people from 26 countries participated.

14 Nov 2017 News briefs

Can COP23 fill the ambition gap?

The Kyoto Protocol was adopted 20 years ago and since then we have seen an explosion of extreme weather events which have cost many lives and made the struggle to end poverty more challenging than it otherwise needs to be.
13 Nov 2017 News briefs

How can small islands survive a tsunami?

November is becoming tsunami awareness month. Tomorrow students from 21 disaster exposed countries will meet in Okinawa, Japan, for the High School Students Islands Summit.

6 Nov 2017 News briefs

Education is key to preparing for tsunamis

The UN Deputy Secretary-General Ms. Amina J. Mohammed opened a high-level panel discussion in New York this week as part of the build up to World Tsunami Awareness Day on November 5.

3 Nov 2017 News briefs

UN Urges States at Risk Not to Ignore Tsunami Threat

Portugal is to formally open a National Tsunami Warning Centre on November 21, which will extend Europe’s capacity to issue tsunami alerts to its citizens. This center will monitor an area where a large earthquake followed by a big tsunami destroyed Lisbon in 1755.
3 Nov 2017 Press release

Rising to the Tsunami Challenge

Over the last week I have moderated discussions in Geneva and New York in which representatives from tsunami-exposed countries including Chile, Indonesia, Japan and Maldives have shared their recent experiences of this rare but most deadly of disasters.
3 Nov 2017 News briefs

UN Appoints Tsunami Survivor as Global Advocate

A tsunami survivor who has dedicated herself to building and supporting safe schools in disaster zones has been appointed as the UN’s first World Tsunami Awareness Advocate by Mr. Robert Glasser, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Disaster Risk Reduction.
2 Nov 2017 News briefs

Tsunami Advocate Focuses On Safe Schools

Czech model and entrepreneur Petra Nemcova was yesterday officially recognized by Robert Glasser, Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Disaster Risk Reduction as World Tsunami Awareness Advocate in a ceremony held at the Japan Society in New York.
2 Nov 2017 News briefs

Report highlights 'Seismic Gaps' in Tsunami Risk Areas

A review of tsunami hazards over the last 400 years highlights “seismic gaps” or locations in the Pacific region where there may be complacency about the tsunami threat following long periods of seismic inactivity.
1 Nov 2017 Press release

#TSUNAMIDAY2017: Climate and geohazards

Nine years ago, scientists from the UK, Europe and the USA met in London to discuss a new and unexpected way that global warming might be threatening the planet.
31 Oct 2017 News briefs

Tsunami countries share lessons learned

World Tsunami Awareness Day falls on November 5 and there was a major gathering of tsunami affected countries today at the UN in Geneva to discuss lessons learned from past events.

27 Oct 2017 News briefs

Hurricanes spur calls for disaster resilience

“The Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction gives us the tools to address new challenges and opportunities,” said the UN Deputy Secretary-General, Ms. Amina J. Mohammed, speaking at an ECOSOC meeting in the aftermath of the recent Atlantic hurricanes.

26 Oct 2017 News briefs

DRR addresses causes of fragility

The role of disaster risk reduction was at the heart of discussions this week on he implementation of Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) commitments on environment and energy.

19 Oct 2017 News briefs

Africa gets ready for Sendai Monitor

The African Union has announced plans to increase the number of member States with national disaster loss data bases and to put a training programme in place in preparation for the roll-out next year of the Sendai Monitor, the UNISDR-backed mechanism for measuring progress in reducing disaster losses.
18 Oct 2017 News briefs

Fiji calls for action on climate

The Prime Minister of Fiji and the incoming COP23 President, Mr. Vorege Bainone, is hosting a pre-COP23 meeting to galvanise action on climate change and disaster risk.
17 Oct 2017 News briefs

UN Secretary-General: Sendai Framework is essential to achieving the SDGs

The UN Secretary-General António Guterres marked International Day for Disaster Reduction with a call to reduce the numbers of people affected by disasters and said the Sendai Framework is essential to achieving the SDGs.

17 Oct 2017 News briefs

UN Bonn office to monitor global disaster losses

The UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Disaster Risk Reduction, Mr. Robert Glasser, today announced that next year will see the start of worldwide monitoring of disaster losses from extreme weather events and earthquakes through the Bonn office of the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR).
17 Oct 2017 Press release

Disasters are driving world hunger

Disasters helped to drive up world hunger last year to 815 million from 777 million in 2015, according to an
16 Oct 2017 News briefs

Sudden Onset Disasters To Make 14 Million People Homeless Every Year

Research findings released today on International Day for Disaster Reduction forecast a continued rise in homelessness among people in the world’s most disaster prone countries unless significant progress is made in managing disaster risk.
13 Oct 2017 Press release

American industry launches UN backed network to build resilience to disasters

International Day for Disaster Reduction was marked by American industry with the launch of a new initiative, ARISE-US to raise disaster awareness in the private sector.

13 Oct 2017 Press release

Improving our understanding of disaster risk

UNISDR today launches new Guidelines for National Disaster Risk Assessment (NDRA)to mark International Day for Disaster Reduction.

13 Oct 2017 News briefs

#IDDR2017: Dominica PM calls for climate action

Following the devastation wrought on his Caribbean island home by Hurricane Maria, the Prime Minister of Dominica, Mr. Roosevelt Skerrit, is calling on the world not “to turn its back” on the problem of climate change and for greater investment in disaster risk reduction.
12 Oct 2017 News briefs

#IDDR2017: UN Geneva Seminar Targets Youth

Valentina comes from Nancy and Agathe from Strasbourg. They are completing their final year at university and are among 150 students who are attending a two-day UN Geneva Seminar series on disaster risk reduction that started today.
12 Oct 2017 News briefs

UN SG: Disasters Driving Poverty

A new report by UN Secretary-General, Mr. António Guterres, on the Implementation of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction warns annual average losses from disasters in less developed countries accounting for more than 20 per cent equivalent of social expenditure.

10 Oct 2017 News briefs

Italy establishes Heritage Resilience Centre

Italy will further strengthen its reputation as a leader on protection of cultural heritage from disasters when it opens a new Heritage Resilience Centre on October 13, International Day for Disaster Reduction.
9 Oct 2017 News briefs

Climate change and disasters “a suicidal development”

Visiting hurricane devastated islands in the Caribbean at the weekend, the UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, stated that “the link between climate change and the devastation we are witnessing is clear, and there is a collective responsibility of the international community to stop this suicidal development.”
9 Oct 2017 News briefs

Tsunami and earthquake risk on agenda at UN Open Day in Geneva

Earthquakes and tsunami may be rare events in Switzerland but they can happen. In 563, a mudslide triggered a tsunami in Lac Leman (Geneva's lake) creating waves which reached around 8 meters in Geneva and 13 meters in Lausanne.
6 Oct 2017 News briefs

Pacific commits on inclusion

The 2017 Joint Pacific Platform for Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Roundtable today committed “to amplify efforts” towards an all-of-society approach that builds disaster and climate resilience across this huge maritime region.
5 Oct 2017 News briefs
VI Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in the Americas, Cartagena, Colombia 20-22 June 2018 VI Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in the Americas, Cartagena, Colombia 20-22 June 2018.
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