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Mexico launches public-private network for DRR

Mexican companies and businesses have joined the first Mexican Network of the Private Sector Alliance for Disaster Resilient Societies (ARISE) and agreed to work together to build a more resilient Mexico against disasters. Mexico ranks among the countries most exposed to disasters in Latin America and the fifth in terms of economic losses.  

22 Nov 2018 News briefs

Jamaica welcomes 'glorious opportunity'

The 7th Americas regional platform for disaster risk reduction will be hosted by Jamaica in 2020, the first time a Caribbean country hosts the prestigious event.

26 Jun 2018 News briefs

Tourism industry in Americas, Caribbean prepares against tsunami risk

Participants at a workshop on climate smart tourism at the Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in Cartagena heard how the seismic-prone region is protecting citizens, infrastructure and thr tourism industry from tsunamis.

26 Jun 2018 News briefs

Americas makes resilience a priority

Americas conference closes with call to make disaster risk reduction a public policy priority.

25 Jun 2018 News briefs

Jamaica to host 2020 DRR meeeting

The Americas and the Caribbean renewed commitment to implement the Sendai Framework at close of regional platform in Colombia.

25 Jun 2018 News briefs

Sendai can "unleash" science on disaster risk reduction

Scientists meeting at the Regional Platform for the Americas discuss Sendai Framework as an opportunity to “unleash” science in the service of reducing the risks posed by natural disasters that take so many lives each year

22 Jun 2018 News briefs

Caribbean rises to resilience challenge

Building on the experience of the record-breaking 2017 hurricane season, countries in the Caribbean are taking the opportunity to transform their resilience capacity, according to speakers at the Regional Platform in Cartagena, Colombia.

22 Jun 2018 News briefs

DRR before and after Hurricane Mitch

The Americas Regional Platform had a wide-ranging discussion on the development of disaster risk reduction in Central America since Hurricane Mitch twenty years ago.

21 Jun 2018 News briefs

Cities share plans to reduce disaster loss

At the Regional Platform for the Americas, mayors from five cities share their plans to reduce disaster losses as part of a three-year programme.
21 Jun 2018 News briefs

Colombia President opens disaster risk meeting

Americas Regional Platform for disaster risk reduction is opened today by the President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos who calls it "an amazing opportunity" to make progress on reducing disaster risk.

20 Jun 2018 News briefs

Colombia cites progress on risk management

The prompt evacuation of those threatened by recent landslides at the Ituango hydroelectric dam project was cited today as evidence of Colombia's progress on disaster risk management.
20 Jun 2018 News briefs

UNISDR head calls for more inclusion in DRR

The head of UNISDR, Mami Mizutori, today told the Americas Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction, that effective disaster risk management requires an inclusive, all-of-societry approach.

20 Jun 2018 News briefs

Americas works to improve disaster statistics

Representatives of eight national institutes of statistics in the Americas meet in the sidelines of the Regional Platform in Cartagena, Colombia, to discuss ways to better collect data and statistics to monitor progress on reducing disaster losses as outlined in the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.
19 Jun 2018 News briefs

Americas DRR Platform focus on inclusion

After becoming blind through ocular disease, retired geologist Tichico Joel Cobian Mena puts his knowledge to good use by working to include vulnerable people in community plans for disaster risk reduction.

19 Jun 2018 News briefs

Rivers and Resilience in Latin America

Rivers run through many cities in Latin America that have joined UNISDR’s Making Cities Resilient Campaign, and management of these rivers brought three of those cities together last month to carry out a reality check.
26 Jan 2018 News briefs

Making cinemas resilient: Cinemex shows the way

Mexico's Cinemex, one of the world’s largest movie theatre groups, has scaled up a resilience campaign with its country's national disaster prevention authorities.

30 May 2017 News briefs

Tsunami survivor's plea for early warning

A two day Multi-Hazard Early Warning Conference is underway in Cancun, Mexico, and its recommendations will feed into the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction which opens tomorrow.

23 May 2017 News briefs

Mexico: Lessons from 1985 earthquake

Five years after the devastating 1985 quake which killed more than 10,000 people, Mexico equipped itself with one of the world’s most effective early warning systems for earthquakes.
18 Apr 2017 News briefs

Disaster resilience: top issue for tourist trade

In a nation where tourism represents close to one-tenth of the economy, the issue of Mexico’s hotel trade’s resilience to natural hazards is top of the list...
5 Apr 2017 News briefs

500 Colombian towns face landslide risk

As the reported death toll from Saturday’s mudslide disaster rose to 273, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Disaster Risk Reduction, Mr. Robert Glasser, extended his condolences to the people of Colombia and the affected communities of Mocoa on the loss of life caused by the heavy rains and mudslides exacerbated by deforestation...
4 Apr 2017 News briefs

Mexico earthquake triggered safe hospital drive

Mexico City’s devastating, 8.1-magnitude earthquake of 1985 was a stark illustration of the disaster risks faced by the health sector, but it also triggered what became a global effort to protect hospitals from hazards.

22 Mar 2017 News briefs

Baillie the rescue dog is star of Americas risk conference

Baillie the Border Collie stands motionless, eyeballing her handler, then springs into action when he gives the command: “Find it!” The four-year-old is part of the Canada Task Force 2 Disaster Response Team, among the thousand delegates at the 5th Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in the Americas.

9 Mar 2017 News briefs

Americas region adopts landmark disaster risk plan

The Americas region today took a landmark step on the road to resilience by adopting an action plan to tackle the huge array of natural and human-induced hazards that its dozens of countries and territories face.

9 Mar 2017 News briefs

Empower women to reduce disaster risk

Empowering women to tackle the threats that natural and human-induced hazards pose to their communities is a critical means to reduce the risk of disasters, delegates at a conference on the Americas said today.

8 Mar 2017 News briefs

Canada’s private sector joins global resilience drive

Canadian businesses have joined a UN-backed drive to bolster resilience to natural and human-induced hazards, sending a strong signal during the Americas region’s top disaster risk reduction conference.

8 Mar 2017 News briefs

Americas region crafts disaster risk reduction plan

The vast Americas region today started a high-level conference on a wide-ranging plan that will seek to reduce the risks posed by natural and human-induced hazards.

7 Mar 2017 News briefs

Indigenous peoples are key players in disaster risk reduction

The concerns and capacities of indigenous peoples need to be taken into account at all times when it comes to curbing disaster risk, leading members of communities from across the Americas said today at a high-level conference.

7 Mar 2017 News briefs

Americas to agree on Sendai Framework action plan

Governments from across the Americas are gathering this week in Canada for a high-level conference where they aim to make their vast region more resilient by adopting a plan to curb the risks posed by natural and human-induced hazards.

6 Mar 2017 News briefs

DRR critical to $2.7 bn Haiti recovery effort

The 5th Regional Platform for the Americas opens in Montreal next Tuesday. Hurricane Matthew affected several countries in the Region but none worse than Haiti. The three year recovery effort comes with a price tag of US$2.72 billion following losses estimated at US$2.8 billion.

3 Mar 2017 News briefs

Mexico’s Maya could predict hurricanes

Mexico’s historical Maya civilisation created not only a written language and a binary mathematical system, but also a hurricane warning system that still works today.

1 Mar 2017 News briefs


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