Exhibition booth
Reg.№ 20018
Booth.№ 1
Name of Organization Cabinet Office
Exhibition Booth Title Disaster Management in Japan
Abstract Because of geographical, topographical and meteorological conditions, Japan is subject to frequent disasters such as typhoons, torrential rains and earthquakes.

The devastating Typhoon Ise-wan is 1959 was a turning point for disaster management, giving rise to a movement to plan and prepare a comprehensive disaster management system, and in 1961, the Disaster Countermeasures Basic Act was enacted. Thereafter, the disaster management system has been improved and strengthened following the occurrence of large-scale natural disasters and accidents such as the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.

There is much apprehension and a sense of urgency regarding the possibility of the occurrence of the Southern Kanto Earthquake of which the hypocenter is directly under the region, the Tokai Earthquake and the Tohnankai and Nankai Earthquakes which are all capable of causing immense damage.

At this booth, you cordially understand Japanese disaster management system including proofing of buildings, disaster emergency response system, etc.

In addition panels describing Japanese International Corporation on disaster reduction will be displayed.
TEL +81-3-5253-2111
FAX +81-3-3597-9091
URL http://www.bousai.go.jp
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Reg.№ 20049
Booth.№ 3
Name of Organization national police agency
Exhibition Booth Title Security Activities against disasters by the police
Abstract Japan has been suffered from damages by earthquakes, heavy rain, typhoons etc, because of its natural and geographical conditions.  The police operates routine police  activities daily and widely for such disasters, and in case of disaster erupted the police promptly initiate activities such as gathering information, rescue, evacuation guidance and security of emergency traffic routes so as to protect personal life, body and fortune of the citizen and to keep public safety and order.  In the scenes of the Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in Jan. 1995, two heavy rains in Niigata/Fukushima area and Fukui area in July 2004, and Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake in Oct. 2004, the police took all out actions.  The police across Japan dispatched supporting units to operate activities for each scene with full scale efforts.
TEL +81-3-3581-0141
FAX +81-3-3597-8004
E-mail tyano@npa.go.jp
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Reg.№ 20055
Booth.№ 4
Name of Organization Japan Defense Agency
Exhibition Booth Title Disaster Relief Dispatches by the Self-Defense Forces
Abstract Japan Defense Agency exhibits panels with pictures and graphics on disaster relief dispatches by the Self-Defense Forces (SDF), explaining the framework, main activities, etc. The exhibition focuses the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, which SDF dispatched the largest number of 2.2million personnel in total from ground, maritime and air SDF.
TEL +81-3-3268-3111
URL http://www.jda.go.jp
The number ob Booth 1
Reg.№ 20003
Booth.№ 13
Name of Organization Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications(MIC)
Exhibition Booth Title At the time of a disaster: management of communication resources and useful information communication technology
Abstract 1. Efforts for ensuring communications means during natural disasters To introduce by using panels "Association of Emergency Communications Members " which acts for ensuring smooth communications during natural disasters
2. Communications System for Disaster Prevention which plays an important role during natural disasters to introduce by using panels the communications system related to disaster prevention which utilizes radio waves and information and communications technologies
3.  Research and development of information and communications technology for disaster prevention. Poster presentation and demonstration on recent research and development of radiowave, measurement, information, and communications technology for rescue, disaster prevention, and ensuring telecommunications in disaster situation.
TEL +81-3-5253-5826
FAX +81-3-5253-5830
E-mail m.oka@soumu.go.jp
URL http://www.soumu.go.jp/
The number ob Booth 5
Reg.№ 20067
Booth.№ 5
Name of Organization Fire and Disaster Management Agency(FDMA)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Exhibition Booth Title Disaster prevention and Crisis management e-college(We can study disaster prevention on the wesite.)
Abstract Fire and Disaster Management Agency(FDMA) made the web site which is used to study disaster prevention.  The web site name is Disaster prevention and Crisis management e-college http://www.e-college.fdma.go.jp.  We show and introduce the web site in the booth.  The web site is composed of contents for citizen, contents for local civil servant and so on.
TEL +81-3-5253-7525
FAX +81-3-5253-7535
E-mail koga-t@fdma.go.jp
URL http://www.fdma.go.jp
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Reg.№ 20010
Booth.№ 11
Name of Organization Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)
Exhibition Booth Title Promotion of Earthquake-resistant School Buildings
Abstract Because school buildings fulfill the role of ensuring the safety of shcool children and are also emergency evacuation areas for the members of the local community when a disaster occurs, it is important to promote earthquake-resistant school buildings. 
MEXT, based on the damage caused to school bulidings by large-scale earthquakes such as the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, etc., has indicated the technical points to be aware of when making school bulidings earthquake-resistant, and has presented the basic approach to promation of making school bulidings earthquake-resistant and formulation methods for the earthquake-resistance promotion plan, etc. as the "Guidelines for Promotion of Earthquake-resistance of School Buildings".  Furthermore, MEXT is implementing a variety of policies, such as making the expenses involved in anti-earthquake reinforcement of shcool buildings, etc.  eligible for national subsidies, and earthquake-resistant school bulidings are being actively promoted.
TEL +81-3-6734-3036
FAX +81-3-6734-3690
E-mail ymano@mext.go.jp
URL http://www.mext.go.jp/
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Reg.№ 20004
Booth.№ 8
Name of Organization Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Kobe University
Exhibition Booth Title Kobe University Memorial Events on the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake 10th Anniversary
Abstract 1. Panel displays of "Collection of Earthquake Disaster Publications″, Monitor Presentation of digital archives of the Collection, and PC for  retrieval trial of the Collection.

2. Panel displays and demonstration of GIS and high density geotechnical database system for the city of Kobe (i.e., the database consisting of the data  for Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake and of 6000 borehole).

3. Video tape and panel demonstration of the rescue activities of students of Kobe University of Mercantile Marine at the time of the earthquake, and of the reconstruction of the harbor facilities for training ships.

4. Panel displays and exhibition of rescue robots and systems.

5. Panel displays of the 21st COE Program (supported by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science); "Design strategy towards safety and symbiosis of urban space″.
TEL +81-78-8+81-3-5032
FAX +81-78-8+81-3-5024
E-mail ktakaham@ofc.kobe-u.ac.jp
The number ob Booth 2
Reg.№ 20009
Booth.№ 10
Name of Organization 'Ministry of Education,Culture,Sports,Science and Technology(MEXT)
National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention (NIED)
Exhibition Booth Title Introduction of NIED Research
Abstract 'To protect life from natural disasters and to strengthen society's defenses against them, NIED (National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention) conduct research and development of earthquake, volcanic activity, weather, and landslide disasters. After the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, NIED has constructed various kinds of seismograph networks throughout Japan. NIED accurately observe seismic motions ranging from micro-tremors to large earthquakes using about 1,800 seismic stations. At NIED display booth, we utilize our results of seismic observations and active fault survey, and reproduce the ground motion on the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake by simulation-derived model. We expect the participants to uplift the awareness on disaster by experiencing visually how the ground shakes from the angle of aerial and inside ground.
TEL  +81-29-863-7782
FAX  +81-29-851-1622
E-mail td02-hrq@kh.rim.or.jp
URL http://www.bosai.go.jp/index.html
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Reg.№ 20056
Booth.№ 9
Name of Organization The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology/International Rescue System Institute
Exhibition Booth Title Development Advanced Rescue Robot Toward Practical Use
Abstract The NPO International Rescue System Institute is a core organization working on Development of Advanced Robots and Information Systems for Disaster Response for the Special Project for Earthquake Disaster Mitigation in Urban Areas. We will utilize panel pictures, videos, and still exhibits of actual robots to introduce our organization and the work we do along with the rescue robot system now under development. We plan to exhibit the “IRS Souryu” Connected Crawler Vehicle for Inspection, Simple Searching Device “Kurukuru,” and Intelligent Data Carriers for Rescue, which are able to search through rubble and debris and other places that are impossible for people to go in. We will introduce the robots to the public in our Collapsed House Simulated Facility to reproduce a disaster site, adjacent to Kobe International Exhibition Hall.
TEL  +81-44-329-1356
FAX  +81-44-329-1135
E-mail press@rescuesystem.org
URL http://www.rescuesystem.org
The number ob Booth 1
Reg.№ 20057
Booth.№ 33
Name of Organization The Ministry of Agricultural, Forestry and Fisheries of  Japan
Exhibition Booth Title the disaster prevention function of rural area"and "The disaster prevention policies of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Abstract Japan is located in the Asian monsoon region and the majority of its national land consists of steep volcanic terrain.  It is therefore exposed to the hazards of many natural disasters, including earthquakes and typhoons.
 Under this climate, rural people have accumulated experiences in and technologies for coexisting with nature through the production activities of agriculture, forestry and fisheries. For example, paddy fields, upland fields and forestlands reduce flood runoff through their water retention capability. They also play an important role in preventing soil erosion and the occurrence of landslides in hilly and mountainous areas for the conservation of national lands.
URL http://www.maff.go.jp/
The number ob Booth 2
Reg.№ 20063
Booth.№ 25
Name of Organization Policy Bureau/Railway Bureau,Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Exhibition Booth Title Earthquake disaster measures for rail and ship transportation.
Abstract These panels show the damage to transportation facilities that resulted from the 1995 earthquake in Kobe. In addition, various railroad and ship transportation disaster prevention efforts are described.
TEL +81-3-5253-8309
FAX +81-3-5253-1560
The number ob Booth 1
Reg.№ 20064
Booth.№ 24
Name of Organization Policy Bureau/Ports and Harbours Bureau,Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Exhibition Booth Title Disaster Measures in Ports, Coastal Regions and Ship Transportation
Abstract The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has taken various disaster measures in ports, coastal regions, and the urgent transport system, preventing from earthquake, tsunami, high tide and so on.  In this booth, poster and pamphlet show you these disaster measures.
TEL +81-3-5253-8689
FAX +81-3-5253-1654
URL http://www.mlit.go.jp/kowan/index.html
The number ob Booth 1
Reg.№ 20058
Booth.№ 27
Name of Organization City and Regional Development Bureau,  Ministry of Land ,Infrastructure and Transport
Exhibition Booth Title New urban policy for disaster prevention
Abstract In January 2005, it has passed 10 years since the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake brought about unprecedented damages. New measures have been established in order to promote urban disaster prevention including densely built-up areas' improvement, public facilities for disaster prevention, eathquake-fireproof housing against a big earthquake that is expected to occur in the near future. Visitors have an opportunity to take part in the simulation system which can show the situation of evacuation and burning area in case of earthquake and the effect of measures visually. 
TEL +81-3-5253-8408
FAX +81-3-5253-1589
E-mail akanuma-j223@mlit.go.jp
URL http://www.mlit.go.jp/crd/city/sigaiti/tobou/index.htm
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Reg.№ 20060
Booth.№ 31
Name of Organization Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT), Public Works Research Institute(PWRI), Infrastructure Development Institute (IDI)
Exhibition Booth Title Measures to reduce the flood damage (International Flood Network etc.)
Abstract In recent years severe flood damage is occurring frequently in many parts of the world caused by torrential rainfall and the like. Meanwhile presently diverse international measures are taken to reduce such flood damage. At this exhibition booth we introduce the International Flood Network (IFNet) which has been established at the 3rd World Water Forum, and the International Center for Water Hazard and Risk Management under the auspices of UNESCO, which is going to set up as a part of Public Work Research Institute (PWRI), Tsukuba JAPAN.
TEL +81-3-5253-8444
FAX +81-3-5253-1602
E-mail kunitomo-m82ac@mlit.go.jp
The number ob Booth 1
Reg.№ 20059
Booth.№ 26
Name of Organization Road Risk Management Office, National Highway and Risk Management Division, Road Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Exhibition Booth Title Measures for road disaster prevention in Japan
Abstract The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has serviced broad arterial road networks taking account of their redundancy and carried out measures for road disaster prevention such as slope protection and seismic retrofit of bridge piers in order to secure road networks with high safety and reliability against disaster.
We have suffered great disasters last year such as heavy rainfall disaster due to the successive large-scale typhoons and the Mid Niigata prefecture earthquake that recorded seismic intensity 7 (highest in Japanese scale).  Panels are displayed, learning from the experience, to inform the public of on-going measures for road disaster prevention in Japan and to call attention of people in charge of road management both at home and abroad to disaster prevention.
TEL +81-3-5253-8489
FAX +81-3-5253-1620
URL http://www.mlit.go.jp/road/bosai/bosai.html
The number ob Booth 1
Reg.№ 20029
Booth.№ 28
Name of Organization Housing Bureau,Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Exhibition Booth Title Policies for Achieving Safer Building/Housing in Disasters
TEL +81-3-5253-8514
FAX +81-3-5253-1630
E-mail moriya-k2ua@mlit.go.jp
The number ob Booth 1
Reg.№ 20062
Booth.№ 32
Name of Organization Hokkaido Bureau, Ministry of Land ,Infrastructure and Transport
Exhibition Booth Title The comprehensive measures against natural disasters on Usu Volcano.
Abstract These pictures show a variety of restoration after the disasters of Usu Volcano.
The points of the restoration are as follows.
(1)   The conversion of the disaster-stricken area to the tourist
attractions and the school for volcanology.
(2)   Giving support to the education of disaster mitigation with
cooperation of the local community.

The contents of exhibitions.
The outline of the eruption of Usu Volcano and the damage of disasters.
The outline of eco-museum on lake Toya area.
The outline of the education of disaster mitigation.
TEL +81-3-5253-8111
FAX +81-3-5253-1672
The number ob Booth 1
Reg.№ 20051
Booth.№ 35
Name of Organization Geographical Survey Institute, Ministry of Land ,Infrastructure and Transport
Exhibition Booth Title Introduction of Geographical Survey Institute Disaster Prevention Activities
Abstract Eight topics are to be introduced through the exhibition as disaster prevention activities of the Geographical Survey Institute:
1. Crustal movement observation by mobile observation
2. Understanding and assessment of disaster enabled by an airplane
3. Development of real-time disaster information services system
4. Development of base information for hazard mapping
5. Development of Global Map data
6. Information services for disaster prevention through “Denshi Kokudo” web system
7. Continuous monitoring of crustal movement through the network of GPS-based control stations
8. Technology development for utilization of precise three-dimensional spatial data to promote urban revitalization
TEL  +81-29-864-6090
FAX  +81-29-864-1658
URL http://www.gsi.go.jp
The number ob Booth 3
Reg.№ 20031
Booth.№ 34
Name of Organization Kinki Regional Development Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation
Exhibition Booth Title Introduction of Disaster Prevention
Abstract The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake drastically damaged a great number of lives and properties as well as infrastructure such as rivers, roads and harbors, which led to a serious stagnation of the socioeconomic activities.  As part of the UN Conference on Disaster Reduction, Kinki Regional Development Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation, which experienced the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, will introduce to conference participants the process of recovery from the Earthquake and ongoing measures of disaster prevention and reduction.
TEL  +81-6-6942-4090
FAX  +81-6-6942-7463
E-mail nakamura-n86id@kkr.mlit.go.jp
URL http://www.kkr.mlit.go.jp/
The number ob Booth 4
Reg.№ 20065
Booth.№ 7
Name of Organization Ministry of the Environment
Exhibition Booth Title Climate Change and Disaster Prevention Measures
Abstract It is scientifically proved that Climate Change has been steadily progressing.
Both developed and developing countries have been and will be affected by the impacts of Climate Change; some parts of Small Island Developing States might be covered by the ocean flow and parts of coastline in these countries might face on erosion; it is concerned that Japan, too, be suffered from significant impacts caused by adverse effects of natural phenomena such as extremely stronger typhoons.
In order to address Climate Change, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change was enacted.   Each country has been taking various measures under these agreements and the Government of Japan has been making every effort to accomplish commitment stipulated in the Protocol.
However, even if ultimate efforts are taken by global society to combat Climate Change, the impacts caused by Climate Change will not be avoided; it is thus be of importance to take actions to prevent and minimize those impacts.
In this context, it will be required to develop and implement comprehensive disaster prevention measures, taking fully into consideration impacts induced by Climate Change.
TEL  +81-3-5521-8249
FAX  +81-3-3580-1382
E-mail chikyu-ondanka@env.go.jp
URL http://www.env.go.jp/
The number ob Booth 1
Reg.№ 20040
Booth.№ 40
Name of Organization Hyogo Prefecture
Exhibition Booth Title Sharing Experience and Lessens-Learned of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake with International Society
Abstract Initiatives in creative reconstruction following the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in Hyogo prefecture will be described part ob separate themes under headings such as"Human LIves","Living","Community"and so forth.
TEL +81-78-362-9819
FAX +81-78-362-9839
E-mail kokurenbousai@pref.hyogo.jp
URL http://web.pref.hyogo.jp/
The number ob Booth 5
Reg.№ 20041
Booth.№ 48
Name of Organization City of  Kobe
Exhibition Booth Title "What we've done,what we're going to do""Messages from Kobe:Tenth Anniversary of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthqake"
Abstract Introduce the efforts Kobe City have made, based on "Kobe Reconstruction Plan," "Kobe City Restoration and Rejuvenation Promotion Program " and "Restoration Review and Examination."
TEL +81-78-322-6487
FAX +81-78-322-6031
E-mail masamichi_kakimoto@office.city.kobe.jp
URL http://www.city.kobe.jp
The number ob Booth 5
Reg.№ 20020
Booth.№ 45
Name of Organization Amagasaki City
Exhibition Booth Title Amagasaki the City of Chikamatsu
Abstract Amagasaki, the city of writer Chikamatsu, is working to become a cultural, educational and industrial information dissemination center within the city and for the world at large. The Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake inflicted the tremendous disaster on us also.  Nevertheless, it is our great pleasure to show you the fully revered  "Tsukiji Area” with its reconstructing process, where you may engulf yourself into on emotional feeling of the old castle town over the figure of the city of Chikamatsu through the pictures of the play and photos of Bunraku collected with cooperation of Amagasaki citizens.
TEL +81-6-6489-6385
FAX +81-6-6489-6393
E-mail nogusa-kazunori@city.amagasaki.hyogo.jp
The number ob Booth 1
Reg.№ 20007
Booth.№ 37
Name of Organization Akashi City
Exhibition Booth Title The earthquake and beyond
Abstract It is a city of "time",found at longitude 135 degrees east,the meridian used as the baselime for Japan Standard Time.It is a city of the sea,looking out upon the Akashi Strait.If it were up to you to come up with an urban development plan for this city that would put to use those characteristics that make Akashi unique,what would you do? We learned a lot of things after having gone through the great trial of the 1995 earthquake. How can mankind best interact with nature? What way of life is the most human? At this time wiht society exploring new values,we'd like to think over the shape of the city that we should be seeking in the future.
By such thoughts,the photo exhibition which recorded the damage situation and revival situation of Akshi City is held.
TEL +81-78-918-5069
FAX +81-78-918-5140
E-mail bousai@city.akashi.hyogo.jp
URL http://www.city.akashi.hyogo.jp/
The number ob Booth 1
Reg.№ 20053
Booth.№ 44
Name of Organization nishinomiya city
Exhibition Booth Title ten years after the great earthquake of 1995, city of nishinomiya changed
Abstract comparing city's current disaster prevention measures with that of ten years ago covery efforts according to categories with specific examples
TEL  +81798-35-3546
FAX  +81-798-36-1990
E-mail hiro@nishi.or.jp
The number ob Booth 1
Reg.№ 20037
Booth.№ 46
Name of Organization Ashiya City
Exhibition Booth Title The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake:Extent of Damege and Post-quake Reconstruction in Ashiya
Abstract Outline of the United Nations World Conference on Disaster Prevention Ashiya is located in the Hanshin (Kobe-Osaka) area and blessed with mild climate and natural surroundings. On January 17, 1995, at 5:46 a.m. the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake that struck the the south part of Hyogo Prefecture left a great number of victims and devastated extensively its beautiful cityscape.
This exhibit gives a partial view of the 10-year post-quake work of reconstruction and development. We strongly hope it will contribute to the efforts in disaster prevention and in the building of towns resilient to natural calamities
TEL  +81-797-38-2093
FAX  +81-797-38-2157
E-mail masuda@city.ashiya.hyogo.jp
URL http://www.city.ashiya.hyogo.jp/
The number ob Booth 1
Reg.№ 20045
Booth.№ 42
Name of Organization Itami City
Exhibition Booth Title  
TEL  +81-72-780-3530
FAX  +81-72-780-3531
E-mail yamamotom@city.itami.hyogo.jp
URL http://www.dri.ne.jp/
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Reg.№ 20002
Booth.№ 43
Name of Organization Takarazuka City
Exhibition Booth Title the heart which people and nature touch and suit is rich -- waiting --   Takarazuka   Revival from an earthquake disaster
Abstract The recovery process will be promoted by introducting the pictures of Takarazuka Revue Company's theater and Nakayamadera Temple which were drastically damaged by the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake and showing a video of Takarazuka Revue Company's performance that was taken place two months after the Earthquake.
TEL  +81-797-77-2078
FAX  +81-797-72-1419
E-mail sobosai@city.takarazuka.lg.jp
URL https://www.city.takarazuka.hyogo.jp
The number ob Booth 1
Reg.№ 20046
Booth.№ 50
Name of Organization Disaster Reduction Alliance
Exhibition Booth Title Disaster Reduction Alliance(DRA)includes 13 institutions and centers,situated in the Kobe New Eastern City Center(HAT-Kobe),aiming at promoting international cooperation towards disaster reduction and human renovation
Abstract Introduce the activities of Disasuter Reduction Alliance(DRA),which is designed to make a loose alliance to exert synergy effect in promoting international cooperation towards disaster reduction.DRA is consisted of institutions and centers located in Kobe New Eastern City Center(HAT-Kobe).
TEL +81-78-262-5068
FAX +81-78-262-5082
E-mail pro@dri.ne.jp
URL http://www.dri.ne.jp/
The number ob Booth 11
Reg.№ 20038
Booth.№ 38
Name of Organization Miki City
Exhibition Booth Title tools to protect from disasters and the strategy to recover from damages
Abstract We show!
1 What we learned from Hanshin-Awaji Great Earthquake for our recovering construction.
2 How we achieved to recover from damages.
TEL  +81-794-82-2000
E-mail kikaku@city.miki.lg.jp
URL http://www.city.miki.lg.jp/
The number ob Booth 1
Reg.№ 20044
Booth.№ 41
Name of Organization City of  Kawanishi
Exhibition Booth Title Disaster Reduction and Recovery of the Town (tetative title)
TEL  +81-72-740-1145
E-mail somu-bousaianzen@mail.city.kawanishi.hyogo.jp
URL http://www.city.kawanishi.hyogo.jp/index.shtml
The number ob Booth 1
Reg.№ 20047
Booth.№ 39
Name of Organization The Awaji Area Maintenance Promotion Committee
Exhibition Booth Title Awaji is transforming from Earthquake-hit Island to Flower Island.
Abstract Endowed with rich natural environment, nurtured by long, multifaceted histories and traditional culture, Awaji Island has developed with the efforts of many island’s predecessors.  The island also has become a new era hub for multi-cultural interchanges thanks to the big projects such as the Akashi Straits Bridge and the Awaji Island International Garden City . 
In 2000, the island achieved brilliant success in holding the Japan Flora 2000, a global event of sharing insights about flowers and greenery, as a momentum of overcoming the tragic impact of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995.  The island is transforming from ‘earthquake-hit island’ to `flower island through the promotion of ‘culture of flower’, which harvests beautiful scenery, on the occasion of ‘Japan Flora 2000’.
The exhibition of Awaji Island shows various kinds of local industries, cultures and activities to make the future ‘Flower Island’.  And the Hokudan-cho Earthquake Memorial Park, Nojima Fault Preservation Museum that was built to commemorate the Great-Hanshin Awaji Earthquake is also introduced.
TEL  +81-799-24-4770
FAX  +81-799-24-3516
E-mail kouiki02@sumoto.gr.jp
The number ob Booth 1
Reg.№ 20061
Booth.№ 2
Name of Organization Special board of inquiry on inheriting the lessons of past disasters
Exhibition Booth Title How to Inherit Experiences and Lessons of Past Disasters
Abstract In July 2003, the Central Disaster Management Council, the Government of Japan, established "Special board of inquiry on inheriting the lessons of past disasters" for the purpose of inheriting experiences and lessons of past disasters to make resilient comunity. Experts in social science, natural science and engineering have investigated damage, government response, influence, and remarkable contribution in the past disasters, and extracted lessons systematically. In this exhibition, we present summaries and features of 9 past disasters we have already investigated or are investigating.
TEL +81-3-5253-2111
FAX +81-3-3597-9091
URL http://www.bousai.go.jp/jishin/chubou/kyoukun/index.htm
The number ob Booth 1
Reg.№ 20016
Booth.№ 22
Name of Organization Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Exhibition Booth Title The Japanese Assistance for Reconstruction of Bam Earthquake in the Islamic Republic of Iran
Abstract The exhibition introduces the Japanese assistance for Bam Earthquake in the Islamic Republic of Iran on December 26th, 2003.
The Government of Japan has been conducting a series of urgent restoration and reconstruction assistance, including dispatch of the Japan Disaster Relief Team, supply of materials, provision of tentative houses, formulation of a urgent restoration plan and reconstruction of water supply systems (reservoir, pumping station and distribution pipes).
The series of assistance illustrates a good example of disaster management cooperation, in which it made a quick and seamless transition from emergency assistance to long term reconstruction.
A video program, panel displays and items delivered from Bam would send a strong message to the guests of how JICA’s assistance contributed to the rehabilitation of the Bam area and has been regarded as a boon of cooperation between Iran and Japan.
TEL +81-3-5352-5376
FAX +81-3-5352-5348
E-mail Nagaishi.Masafumi@jica.go.jp
URL http://www.jica.go.jp/
The number ob Booth 1
Reg.№ 20017
Booth.№ 22
Name of Organization Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Exhibition Booth Title Japan’s International Disaster Relief Activities
Abstract Japanese government conducts international disaster relieves to overseas with provision of emergency relief goods and dispatch of Japan Disaster Relief Teams. To introduce these activities, photo exhibition and the demonstration of rescue and medical activities are organized by JICA..
The photo exhibition in the exhibition booth is planned to explain several operations in the past, like the earthquakes in Iran, Algeria, Morocco, floods in Bangladesh and pandemic of infectious diseases in Vietnam in order to provide the outline of the Japan’s International Disaster relief.
On the other hand, the demonstration shows practical operations of rescue teams and medical teams with real equipments. Visitors can realize how search, rescue and medical activities are operated in the disaster sites. For this demonstration, a set of large artificial hazards is placed in front of Kobe International Exhibition Hall.
TEL +81-3-5352-5376
FAX +81-3-5352-5348
E-mail Nagaishi.Masafumi@jica.go.jp
URL http://www.jica.go.jp/
The number ob Booth 1
Reg.№ 20052
Booth.№ 21
Name of Organization Japan Bank for International Cooperation
Exhibition Booth Title Japanese ODA Loan's role in preventing disaster in developing worlds
Abstract Taking a look at the global disaster trend, much disaster hit many developing countries, which have been impeding sustainable development.  Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) is deeply involved in cooperation for the developing countries' anti-disaster measures.  For instance, on the occasion of devastating earthquake of Turkey in 1999, JBIC provided Yen (ODA) Loan totaling 12 billion yen for the Turkish Government to improve seismic performance for Large-Scale Bridges in Istanbul.  Together with the support for the engineering component, JBIC also extended technical assistance for making the disaster policies more effective by incorporating state of the arts into the earthquake recovery and disaster prevention plan in Turkey.  In this exhibition, JBIC presents the effective role of Yen (ODA) Loan for disaster prevention and recovery by showing good practice example with picture boards of Yen (ODA) Loan projects.
TEL +81-3-5218-3585
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Name of Organization Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry
Exhibition Booth Title Electric Power Facility Disaster Mitigation and Restoration
- Ensuring Stable Electric Power Supplies in the Event of Earthquake Disasters-
Abstract   The electric power industry in Japan endeavors to maintain a stable electric power supply on a daily basis, while building up electric facilities robust enough to withstand disasters such as earthquakes. At the same time, the industry is working on systems that will facilitate the quick restoration of electricity following power cuts.
  This exhibition looks primarily at the damage done to, and the restoration procedures taken for, power generation, transmission, and distribution facilities affected by the Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Disaster. It presents examples of countermeasures, as well as the state of restoration systems, based on lessons learned from this disaster. Other examples of disaster mitigation research and development by the electric power industry are also presented.
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Booth.№ 16
Name of Organization Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.(The Japan Gas Association.)
Exhibition Booth Title Anti-earthquake measures of city gas facilities
Abstract (1)Damage and restoration of city gas by the Great Hanshin-Awaji earthquake.
(2)Examination and the enforcement situation of the anti-earthquake measures of city gas after the Great Hanshin-Awaji earthquake.
(3)Verification of the effect by the anti-earthquake measures.
(4)Exhibition related to above-mentioned contents.
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Booth.№ 18
Name of Organization Geological Survey of Japan, AIST
Exhibition Booth Title Earthquake prediction researches in and around the Kinki district, Japan by Geological Survey of Japan, AIST
Abstract Earthquake prediction research activities of Geological Survey of Japan, AIST are introduced as following posters and maps:
1: Integrated observation well network in and around the Kinki district for earthquake prediction research
2: Seismic shaking maps of the Osaka sedimentary basin, Japan
3: Geological and neotectonic maps in the Kinki District produced by GSJ/AIST
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Booth.№ 29
Name of Organization Building Research Institute
Exhibition Booth Title International training on seismology and earthquake engineering and technical cooperation on earthquake deserter mitigation of Building Research Institute
Abstract In order to transfer advanced seismic and earthquake engineering technology of Japan, BRI, Building Research Institute, has been training for young researchers and   engineers from developing countries for more than 40years since 1962. More than 1200 participants have completed the course. BRI also releases up-to-date technological information regarding prevention and reduction of seismic disasters through our web site, IISEEnet, for the purpose of disaster mitigation of developing countries.
BRI has been contributing to transfer seismic and earthquake engineering technology on the scheme of JICA international technical cooperation programs in establishing  earthquake disaster prevention centers in Indonesia, Peru, Mexico, Turkey, and in Rumania, that are expected to be focal points of each country to foster human resources and disseminate the research and technology on earthquake disaster prevention.
Here, we show the outline and the accomplishment of our international training programs and international cooperation on the earthquake disaster prevention though panels and PC presentation.
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URL http://IISEE.kenken.go.jp/
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Booth.№ 23
Name of Organization Indepent Administrative Institution Port and Airport Research Institute
Exhibition Booth Title Presentation about Disaster Prevention technology in Ports
Abstract Japan has often suffered destructive earthquakes, tsunamis and storm surge. The Port and Airport Research Institute has studied prevention and mitigation technologies against these natural disasters. At the Exhibition, we will introduce the state of the arts in the disaster prevention and mitigation technologies such as a crane standing seismic shaking 3-D tsunami simulation, using miniature models, computer animations, videos and panels.
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Name of Organization Hanshin  Expressway Public Corporation
Exhibition Booth Title Earthquake Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Measures of the Hanshin Expressway
Abstract Hanshin Expressway Public Corporation (HEPC) has been making efforts since its establishment through the construction and management of the expressway network for the purpose of the economic development of the Kansai urban area including Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto.
Here we introduce the earthquake disaster prevention and mitigation measures of the Hanshin Expressway by the panels and video. The measures are as follows.
1. Seismic Retrofit of Structures: We retrofit the existing expressway structures so that the structures can resist against the future earthquake that can match the 1995 Hyogoken-nanbu earthquake in terms of the ground motion.
2. Emergency Safety Service: In order to ensure the safety of the expressway users, we provide indispensable information on a 24-hour basis obtained by seismographs, traffic monitoring cameras and other devices.
3. Tough Expressway Network against Disasters:  We are developing the tough expressway network against the disasters, incorporating the new technology and the cost-effective construction method.
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URL http://www.hepc.go.jp./
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Booth.№ 47
Name of Organization Kobe City Disaster Prevention Corporation
Exhibition Booth Title Kobe city disaster prevention corporation
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Booth.№ 30
Name of Organization NPO「Life Safety Support Organization」
Exhibition Booth Title Preparedness for a big earthquake
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URL http://www.npo-lso.info
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Booth.№ 6
Name of Organization Japan Water Forum
Exhibition Booth Title Urgent Appeal on Water and Disaster from the UN Secretary General's Advisory Board on Water and Sanitation
Abstract The first meeting of the UN Secreatry General's Adcisory Board on Water and Sanitation took place on 22-23 July 2004 in the United Nations Headquaters in New York. The Advisory Board agreed on "Water-related Disasters" as one of ten thematic priorities that need to be addressed for achieving the water related MDGs and time-bound target set at the Johannesburg summit. The Board intends to address enhancement of measures to deal with water disasters, but also water for disaster recovery, including the water supply as the first step toward reconstruction after natural disasters like earthquakes. This exhibition is to introduce outcomes of the second meeting of the Advisory Board (2004/12/9-10, Tokyo) and to appeal of increasing damage risk caused by water related disasters and necessity to secure safer society in the 21st Century.
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URL http://www.waterforum.jp
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Name of Organization Hyogo Reseach Center for Quake Restoration
Exhibition Booth Title Teachings and Verification Great Earthquqke
Abstract A Decade Verification of the Great Earthquake,the result verified a ten-year reconstruction process of the Great Earthquake. is to be published in December,2004. An English translation of A Hundred Teachings of the Great Earthquake will be published at the same time.
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URL http://shinsai.or.jp/hrc-qr/
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Booth.№ 49
Name of Organization OECD Tokyo Centre
Exhibition Booth Title School Safety and Security: Keeping Schools Safe in Earthquakes, Emerging Risks in the 21st Century, Large-Scale Disasters: Lessons Learned, etc.
Abstract Exhibition of OECD publilcations related to the areas of school architecture, educational facilities, general economy, future studies etc.  Free distribution of related materials, OECD brochures, materials etc.
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Exhibition Booth Title For disaster risk reduction in an age of frequent occurrence of disaster
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Name of Organization OSAKA GAS CO., LTD.
Exhibition Booth Title Anti-Earthquake Measures at OSAKA GAS
Abstract Osaka Gas presents its experience of the Great Hanshin Earthquake of 1995 and its anti-earthquake measures implemented during the past 10 years.
1. Damage on the pipeline network caused by the earthquake and the acquired knowledge.
2. Prevention measures (earthquake-resistant facilities)
- Installation of intelligent gas meters
- Development of safe gas equipment
- Development of a gas wall socket with a gas leak preventive function
- Expanded use of earthquake-resistant polyethylene pipes and flexible pipes for housepipes
- Replacement of existing pipes with polyethylene pipes
3. Emergency measures (prevention of secondary disasters)
- Reinforcement of information and communication systems
- Review and restructuring of supply suspension system
- Increased installation of seismometers and subdivision of earthquake isolation blocks
4. Restoration measures (early resumption of gas supply)
- Use of temporary gas supply systems .
- Establishment of gas supply restoration sectors
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Booth.№ 64
Exhibition Booth Title We aim at electricity strong against a calamity
Abstract Hanshin Awaji great earthquake generated on January 17, 1995 took many precious lives in an instant.
In addition, our electric power equipments were greatly damaged, causing blackouts of no less than 2,600,000 houses. 
In response to the great earthquake, the Kansai reacknowledged the importance of earthquake-proof electric power equipments and has been working actively in order to build equipments which are hard to suffer damage and easy to recover.
We are advancing for a customer's 'safety', 'convenient' and 'comfortable' life environment.
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Booth.№ 61
Name of Organization National Mobile Radio Centers Council
Exhibition Booth Title mca (multi channel access system),an important role in disasters
Abstract Multi channel access system is a superior mobile radio system used in various disasters, because of wide-area, strong constructed relay-station and priority-connection system.
MCA has been used for rescue operation in disasters, such as hanshin/awaji-earthquake, usuzan-eruption and sanrikuminami-earthquake, and played an important role.
In this exhibition, the role and function of MCA are introduced.
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URL http://www.nmrcc.gr.jp
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Booth.№ 63
Exhibition Booth Title Activities of the NTT Group for securing telecommunication services in disasters
Abstract Information communications services not only form part of the base of commercial activities, but also are indispensable essential to society by virtue of their functions as an integral part of consumer lifestyles and as a safety lifeline. Aiming at providing disaster-resistant telecommunication services, the NTT Group is promoting various disaster countermeasures.
It introduces activities of the NTT Group, about the construction of disaster-resistant telecommunications facilities and network at the time of usual, and about securing communications and quick recovery in disasters.
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URL http://www.ntt.co.jp/
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Booth.№ 20
Abstract 1.To think of ASEAN is to think of a region not only most blessed with resources and cultural, social, and political diversity; but also having high disaster risks. Such realization has served as one of the founding principles of ASEAN.
2.ASEAN vision 2020 depicts a peaceful and stable Southeast Asia through the strengthening of national and regional resilience.
3.ASEAN declared to attain a Sociocultural Community that "shall intensify cooperation in addressing problems associated with (among others) disaster management in the region to enable individual members to fully realize their development potentials and to enhance the mutual ASEAN spirit".
4.ASEAN Committee on Disaster Management (ACDM) is a regional body mandated to coordinate all aspects of disaster management through more effective mutual assistance activities. It consist of disaster management / emergency response national agencies in 10 ASEAN Member Countries.
5.ACDM adopted ASEAN Regional Programme on Disaster Management (ARPDM) as its framework for regional cooperation for 2004-2010. The programme includes priorities on the establishment of a regional framework, capacity building, information and resources sharing, mobilization of partnership, and public awareness and advocacy
6.Individually, ASEAN Member Countries have devised their own systems to cope with disasters and to manage disaster risks as suited to their own respective characteristics.
7.It has not been easy and perfect, but ACDM is moving with confidence rapidly towards a more integrated disaster risk management regional system that is synchronized with other regional and international initiatives and systems.

*The abstract is omitted due to the space availability.
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E-mail lina@aseansec.org
URL http://www.acdm.net
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Name of Organization European Commission
Exhibition Booth Title European Communission Actvities in Disaster Reduction
Abstract In order to mitigate disaster risks, the European Commission (Directorate General for humanitarian aid, ECHO) has been active in disaster preparedness through its DIPECHO programme since 1996. Its approach towards disaster reduction rests on three pillars: DIPECHO, mainstreaming and advocacy.

1) The DIPECHO ("DIsaster Preparedness ECHO") programme: This programme was launched in 1996 to help prepare populations in areas at risk from natural catastrophes and to support practical measures to reduce such risks. On average, ECHO allocated about €8 million worldwide through DIPECHO each year. DIPECHO supports training, capacity-building, awareness-raising and early-warning projects as well the organisation of relief services. DIEPCHO funds are implemented by aid agencies working in the regions concerned.

2) Mainstreaming disaster preparedness measures into relief operations: Where appropriate, disaster preparedness measures are integrated into "classical" relief operations, particularly where DIPECHO is not present. Examples of such activities include training affected populations in building earthquake resistant housing after earthquakes (El Salvador and Peru), training in water quality control after floods (Indonesia), emergency cholera prevention and treatment (Somalia), food security monitoring and early warning (Ethiopia, Central America), cholera preparedness (Tanzania). These activities are undertaken as an integral part of ECHO operations in areas affected by ongoing humanitarian crises.

3) Advocacy: ECHO has reinforced its efforts to convince development donors to mainstream disaster preparedness activities in their programmes. As a first step, cooperation with other Commission Services has been strengthened for the areas covered by the existing DIPECHO programmes. As a key donor of external assistance, the European Commission has a vital interest to prevent disasters from happening or to mitigate their effects. As a consequence, other Commission Services are increasingly getting involved in disaster reduction, e.g. in the research sector but also in development cooperation, environment and external relations.
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Name of Organization ECHO and ISDR
Exhibition Booth Title ECHO/ISDR Good Practices for Resilient Communities
Abstract The ECHO/ISDR Good Practices for Resilient Communities exhibit at the WCDR will provide an inter-active venue to present posters, and share and disseminate information. The exhibit will offer lessons and achievements usable by governments and partners for future action in order to promote disaster risk reduction policies within the context of sustainable development.

The ISDR secretariat in consultation with ECHO has selected 24 good practices and invite experts to represent them to the WCDR. The good practice posters will be presented as part of the Public Forum segment of the Conference. The posters will focus on good practices in vulnerable developing countries from the following regions Africa, South East Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, Caribbean, Central America and the Andes.
TEL 41 22 917 2785
FAX 41 22 917 0169
E-mail harding@un.org, matsuoka@un.org, gozzoli@un.org
URL www.unisdr.org/wcdr
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Reg.№ EB009
Booth.№ 53
Name of Organization International Telecommunciation Union
Exhibition Booth Title International Telecommunication Union - Emergency Telecommunication
Abstract ITU is a world-wide organization which brings governments and industry together to coordinate the establishment and operation of global telecommunication networks and services.- Article 1, Section 2 g of the ITU Constitution provides that ITU shall “promote the adoption of measures for ensuring the safety of life through the cooperation of telecommunication services”. In this regard, from the development sector's point of view, forging partnerships is of paramount importance in carrying out this mandate. A partnership has already been forged with Inmarsat Limited, the London-based satellite consortium, to help promote rural telecommunication and support emergency communications in least developed countries. Thanks to this initiative, satellite terminals have already been procured to provide practical assistance in the event that disaster strikes in any country. For more information, please go to http://www.itu.int/newsarchive/press_releases/2003/01.html - Within the framework of ITU-D a handbook on disaster communications was published in 2001 and it is being revised in the form of a second edition. Again, we have a cost sharing arrangement with Rohde & Schwarz that will culminate in a low cost product that will be affordable to all stakeholders,
 especially those from developing countries. For more information, please go to:

*The abstract is omited clue to the space availability.
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E-mail zavazava@itu.int ; melissa.arditto@itu.int
URL http://www.itu.int/itu-d/ldc/emergency_com.html
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Reg.№ EB027
Booth.№ 54
Name of Organization Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)
Exhibition Booth Title OCHA involvement in the Disaster Management Process
Abstract OCHA’s principal mission is to mobilize and coordinate the collective efforts of the international community to meet the needs of those exposed to suffering and material destruction in disasters and emergencies in a timely and effective manner. The objective of this exhibition is to provide an overview of OCHA activities in disaster response: Disaster Response System: To coordinate the actions of the international community in response to disasters, OCHA manages a disaster response system, operational 24h. When OCHA is alerted of the occurrence of a disaster, its system is triggered. Coordination tools include Situation Reports, with information on the impact of the disaster, the national response, the level of international aid required and assistance provided. These reports are disseminated to donors, UN agencies, IGOs and NGOs, and published on Reliefweb. Field Coordination: If required, OCHA deploys a Disaster Assessment and Coordination team to assist the government of the affected country, UN Representatives and agencies during the initial emergency phase. It establishes an On-Site Coordination Center (OSOCC) to support the local authorities in coordinating the activities of international relief providers. International Appeals: At the request of the government of an affected country, OCHA launches appeals for international assistance, urging the international community to provide support to address immediate relief needs. When necessary, OCHA provides cash grants and acts as a channel for donor contributions. Activation of International Emergency Response Networks: Based on stand-by arrangements within established international networks, OCHA facilitates the mobilization of relief assets such as expertise, logistics and material resources. These include SAR (Search and Rescue), military and civil protection assets.
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E-mail niland@un.org
URL http://www.haze-online.or.id
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Reg.№ EB022
Booth.№ 55
Name of Organization World Food Programme
Exhibition Booth Title Emergency Preparedness & Response at WFP
Abstract - WFP, the food aid arm of the UN system, continued to respond worldwide to food crises resulting from both natural hazards and complex emergencies.  About one third of the over 100 million beneficiaries assisted during 2003, were reached as a response to
TEL (+39) 06 6513 2218
FAX (+39) 06 6513 2962
E-mail Carlo.scaramella@wfp.org
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Reg.№ EB007
Booth.№ 52
Name of Organization World Meteorological Organization
Exhibition Booth Title Early warnings save life and property
The World Meteorological Organization is the United Nations' system authoritative scientific voice on weather, climate and water.  This intergovernmental organization, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, coordinates the activities of the Meteorological and Hydrological Services of 187 countries and territories.  Early warnings provided by those Services are key for the protection of life and property against natural disasters.  Nearly 80 percent of natural disasters, and about 90 percent of the casualities, are caused by extreme events linked to weather, climate and water.  It is WMO's ambition to have the number of deaths due to natural disasters of meteorological, hydrological and climatic origin halved over the next 15 years.  This objective could be reached through further improvements in early warnings, disaster preparedness, capacity-building and strengthening of National Meteorological and Hydrological Services, especially in developing countries.  The number of lives lost to such disasters was about 600,000 during the past decade.  WMO originated from the International Meteorological Organization (IMO), which was founded in 1873.  Establigency of the United Nation for meteorology (weather and climate), operational hydrology and related geophysical sciences.  Following a decision taken by the World Meteorological Congress in 2003 a Natural Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Programme was established to ensure the integration of WMO activities in this field, as well as the coordination with related activities of their internatilonal, regional and national organization.
TEL +41 22 730 8315
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E-mail cpa@wmo.int
URL http://www.wmo.int
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Reg.№ EB005
Booth.№ 12
Name of Organization Pacific Disaster Center
Exhibition Booth Title Pacific Disaster Center
Abstract The Pacific Disaster (PDC), Hawaii, USA, is an international disaster research, applications, and capacity development organization providing science, technology, and information management solutions to disaster managers in the Asia Pacific region.  PDC was established by U.S. Congress in 1995 after the devastating 1992 Hurricane Iniki.

PDC's vision is to develop partnerships and technology for comprehensive emergency management in order to Build Safe and Sustainable Communities.

PDC's mission is to provide applied information research and analysis support for the development of more effective policies, institutions, programs and information products for the disaster management and humanitarian assistance communities of the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

PDC capabilities include the development and application of science and technology information management resources to support decision makers, including:
1) advanced web technology for collaboration, early warning, and situational awareness;
2) geographic information systems, imagery analysis, and data resources;
3) risk & vulnerability assessments;
4) hazard mitigation planning;
5) loss estimation, scenario modeling, consequence assessment applications, and exercises; and
6) distributed information networks under the Asia Pacific Natural Hazards Information Network, www.apnhin.pdc.org
Please visit www.pdc.org, www.atlas.pdc.org, and www.apnhin.pdc.org.
The Pacific Disaster Center is a public/private partnership sponsored by the PDC Program Office (ASD/NII).  The content of the information does not necessarily reflect the position or policy of the U.S. Government and no official Government endorsement should be inferred.  Since 2001, the East-West Center has been the managing partner of the Pacific Disaster Center.
TEL  1+808-891-7913
FAX 1+808-891-0526
E-mail jbuika@pdc.org
URL http://www.pdc.org
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Reg.№ EB006
Booth.№ 15
Name of Organization International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
Exhibition Booth Title Disaster Preparedness and Risk Reduction Activities of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
Abstract Preparing for disasters, mitigating their effects as well as responding to their consequences is first and foremost a task of every government. However, effective  cooperation is required by a broad range of actors, including the United Nations and their specialized agencies, civil society and specialized organizations such as the Red Cross and Crescent National Societies, if our collective objective of having resilient communities, well protected and well organized, is to become a reality. 

As auxiliaries to public authorities in the humanitarian field, yet independent, Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies play a critical role linking government to civil society, working both with affected communities and governments on disaster response, but more importantly, on disaster preparedness. Vulnerability and risk reduction strategies are part of Red Cross Red Crescent community-based disaster preparedness programs, and we clearly demonstrate that disaster preparedness and risk reduction pays off.

Disaster risk reduction and the management of disaster response, clearly stated as one of our four core working areas in the International Federation of RC & RC Strategy 2010, is also a well-known area of partnership in the planning and delivery of services involving National Societies and their Governments.  Some National Societies are represented on their Governments' Disaster Management Committees and all programs are designed with the partnership in mind. This is a key element in the International Federation's work, and Governments have willingly accepted an obligation to consult their National Societies in the preparation of all aspects of their disaster management planning, including in the delivery of relief services.

Additionally, the International Disaster Response Law (IDRL) Project of the International Federation aims to reduce the vulnerability and suffering of people affected by disasters though the promotion and development of international disaster response law mechanisms to better facilitate the provision of expedient and effective international humanitarian assistance.

The importance of disaster preparedness and risk reduction in all its forms is also reflected in the Agenda for Humanitarian Action of the 28th International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent which took place in Geneva in December  2003, where together the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement with the States party to the Geneva Conventions committed to a plan of action that aims to reduce vulnerability in relation to the risk and impact of natural disasters and diseases.
TEL +41 22 730 4488
FAX + 41 22 733 0395
E-mail Amy.mintz@ifrc.org
URL www.ifrc.org
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Reg.№ EB002
Booth.№ 56
Name of Organization German Committee for Disaster Reduction (DKKV)
Exhibition Booth Title Presentation of Disaster Reduction activities by German organizations
Abstract The exhibition booth will be run jointly by InWent, Federal Institute for GeoSciences and Natural Resources (BGR), Global Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC), Geo Forschungszentrum (GFZ), Gesellschaft fur technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ), Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Response (BBK), German Comittee for Disaster Reduction (DKKV) and Munich Reinsurance Company (MuRe). Thus the booth will provide a comprehensive overview of the state of the art of science, business sector, development activities and policy level with regard to  disaster reduction in Germany and German Development Cooperation. Publications and leaflets with
information on
- the above mentioned organisations,
- statistics,
- political lobbying activities and
- disaster risk reduction activities implemented in Germany and world wide
will be available free of charge at the exhibition booth.
Additionally film spots on awareness raising campaigns, community based disaster risk management, capacity building for disaster risk management and scientific research and networking will be displayed.
The exhibition booth will also serve as focal point to get in contact with experts from Germany as well as representatives of partner organizations from all over the world.
TEL 49-228-2434826
FAX 49-228-2434836
E-mail Birgit.zum.kley@inwent.org
URL www.dkkv.org
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Reg.№ EB004
Booth.№ 19
Name of Organization Centro de Estudios y Prevencion de Desastres
Exhibition Booth Title Capacity building to prevent risks with ONG and local organizations
Abstract Development pattern that has been imposed at world wide is generating more and new risks.  Planning, concertation, agreements among countries and among development agents in each country, to enlarge population's participation in decisions that affect their lives, are instruments that should be used in order to get sustainable development.  At local level, concertated development planning is key to get reasonability and sustainability of economic and urban growth processes as well as adecuated localisation and use of the territory.
In Peru, since Yokohama 1994, several changes have been produced in terms of prevention and risk reduction:
PREDES is a peruvian NGO working since 1983, working with vulnerable comnunities and local organisation, promoting that they assume protagonism in prevention and mitigation, as well as to respond in disasters. We want to share and to exchange with other similar organisation:
a. Experiences on incorporation of prevention focus in strategic development plans in national, regional and local levels.
b. Experiences on use of risk analysis in urban plans in small cities of rural areas.  
c. Experiences on educational and organizational processes to incorporate prevention, like as new attitudes and new practices, in economic activities, use of natural resources, in urban and rural poor communities.
d. Experiences on participation of children and young in educational processes with prevention focus.
e. Experiences on training and organisin volunteers' groups for watch risks, disseminate information, sensybilizing and promote actions in order to prevent or mitigate that risks
f. Systematizing of tradicional practices to prevent risks and to face disasters in rural andean comnunities.
g. Experiences on concertation and coordination processes with local NGO and humanitarian agencies.
Our focus: To promote that development agents participate more actively in order to assume it responsibility to do not produce vulnerability and to reduce existent vulnerability. Important initiatives are proving to introduce prevention focus and risk analysis us criteria to development planing.
TEL 51-1-2210251
FAX 511-2220762
E-mail gilberto@predes.org.pe
URL postmast@predes.org.pe
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Reg.№ EB001
Booth.№ 14
Name of Organization Pro Vention Consortium
Exhibition Booth Title ProVention Consortium
Abstract The goal of the ProVention Consortium is to reduce the impacts of disasters in developing countries. This is achieved through forging linkages, partnerships and closer interaction between constituents of the Consortium; advocating for disaster risk management amongst senior policy makers in international organizations, national governments and the private sector;  developing innovative approaches to the practice of risk identification and analysis, risk reduction, and risk sharing & transfer; as well as sharing knowledge and information about best practices, tools and resources for disaster risk management.

Launched by the World Bank in 2000, the ProVention Consortium is now hosted by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. A full list of ProVention partner organizations can be found on the ProVention website (www.proventionconsortium.org).    Current activities include: identification and analysis of global disaster risk hotspots;   assessing natural hazard risk and measuring the benefits of disaster reduction; improving quality and accuracy in global disaster data collection; damage and needs assessment training and handbook; strengthening community flood resilience through local partnerships in Sudan;  development of standards and methodologies for social vulnerability and capacity analysis;  analysis of urban risk accumulation and development of risk reduction strategies in seven African countries; transferring risk through micro finance and micro insurance in India; private sector partnerships on risk management.  The exhibition booth aims to promote the outputs, tools, resources and project results of the ProVention Consortium’s activities and provides opportunities for new organizations to join The ProVention Consortium effort.
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URL www.proventionconsortium.org
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Name of Organization ENTICO Corporation LTD
Exhibition Booth Title Activities in the field of disaster preparedness
Abstract These exhibition booths (10 in total) will provide examples from leading private, public and inter-governmental organizations who are taking active steps in disaster reduction. The booths will show how new technologies and initiatives are helping countries and communities to prepare for and reduce disaster impacts.
This will include information on the use of effective telecommunication infrastructure, the role of earth observation in mitigating against disaster, the need for effective research institutions and the role of international development on a wider scale for disaster reduction. There will also be specific reference to seismology, and expertise from various countries including specialist information from Japan.
Organisations involved include:
- Nokia Corporation
- European Space Agency (ESA)
- Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
- Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research

 Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA)

 United States Geological Survey

 Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution
This information also outlines that holistic approaches must be used in order to counteract disaster effectively and that global information and research must form an integral nexus with local strategy and implementation.
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