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UN Conference on Disaster Reduction concludes; adopts plan of action for next ten years
UN/ISDR 2005/7
22 January 2005
Nations call for safer hospitals and schools to prepare for disasters
UN/ISDR 2005/6
21 January 2005
United Nations to coordinate Early Warning System for Indian Ocean
UN/ISDR 2005/5
20 January 2005
Global Early Warning System Launched at Conference on Disaster Reduction
UN/ISDR 2005/4
19 January 2005
Know risk or no risk? UN launches guide on disaster risk reduction
UN/ISDR 2005/03
19 January 2005
World Conference on Disaster Reduction Opens in Kobe
UN/ISDR 2005/2
18 January 2005
Remembering Kobe - ten years later
UN/ISDR 2005/1
17 January 2005
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The Secretary-General
Video Message to the World Conferenceon Disaster Reduction
Kobe, 18-22 January 2005

Jan Egeland

Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs
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Closing Statement
Opening Statement
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 WCDR logo
  Description: The logo is composed of two elements: globe and lines. The globe represents the fact that disasters can affect us all, no matter who or where we are. The curving lines represent a disaster-affected globe, and the regular parallel lines symbolize order brought about by actions aiming at disaster reduction.

The logo for the World Conference on Disaster Reduction may be used for illustrative or information purposes. A waiver of liability should be provided to the United Nations.

Permission to use this logo for any other purposes must be obtained from the United Nations.

Please see the form for Waiver of liability and Guidelines for the use of the WCDR logo.

 Form for waiver of liability

Guidelines for use of the Logo of the World Conference on Disaster Reduction

The General Assembly in its resolution A/RES/58/214 decided to convene a World Conference on Disaster Reduction in Kobe, Hyogo, Japan, 18-22 January 2005.

1. Design

The logo for the WCDR will be available in the six official United Nations languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. The colors and proportions of the logo must not be changed.

Non-commercial uses of the logo

The logo is primarily intended for two kinds of promotional use: information and fundraising, as outlined below:

a. Information uses of the logo
Information uses of the logo are those which are:
- Primarily illustrative
- Not intended to raise funds; and
- Not carried out by a commercial for-profit entity

No permission is required for use of the logo to publicize the WCDR, provided the aims and purposes of its use are in keeping with those of the WCDR. However, a waiver of liability should be provided to the United Nations (see Section 4 below), together with a description of its use.

b. Fund-raising uses of the logo
Fund-raising uses of the logo are those intended to cover costs of voluntary activities for the WCDR. They may be undertaken only by non-commercial not-for-profit entities.

Permission to use the logo for national and international fund-raising purposes is given by the Conference Secretariat of the WCDR.

When requesting permission, please provide:
- a short statement of identity (membership, objectives, etc);
- an explanation of how and where the logo will be used; and
- an explanation of the purposes of fund-raising
- a waiver of liability (see Section 4)


Commercial uses of the logo (please contact to the Conference Secretariat)

The logo is not generally intended to for commercial use. Commercial uses of the logo are all those undertaken by or involving commercial for-profit entities, as well as any use intended to lead to commercial or personal profit.

Permission to use the logo commercially can be given only by the Conference Secretariat.

Before the logo is used commercially, a contract must be signed with the United Nations. In particular, such contracts must conform to Section 4 below.

When requesting permission to use the logo for commercial purposes, please contact to the Secretariat by e-mail
( and explain:
- The nature of your company or enterprise;
- The proposed uses of the logo;
- The names of countries/territories where the logo will be used;
- The nature of products/services that you produce/sell in those areas;
- How your products relate to the World Conference on Disaster Reduction;
- What profits you expect to make from use of the logo; and
- A summary budget, giving your expenses and any proposed royalties or contributions you expect to make to local, national or international activities for the preparation of the WCDR or in favor of implementation of its outcome.



All entities authorized to use the logo, whether for information, fund-raising or commercial purposes, must acknowledge that (you can use the form “Waiver of Liability” which includes following three points):
- the entity is responsible for ensuring that the activities are carried out in accordance with the applicable law and for ensuring that appropriate insurance is maintained to cover the risks arising out of such activities;
- the United Nations does not assume any responsibilities for the activities of such entity; and
- the entity shall hold harmless and defend the United Nations and its officials against any action that may be brought against the United Nations or its officials as a result of the use of the logo.

When the logo is used for information and fund-raising purposes, the language must be incorporated into a waiver of liability that is signed by the entity and provided to the Conference Secretariat. The form of the waiver of liability may be used. Contracts and waivers containing such language must be provided to the United Nations before the proposed activities are carried out.

When the logo is used for commercial purposes, the foregoing language must be incorporated into a contract to be signed by the entity. Additionally, contracts should also contain the United Nations General Conditions for contracts (This document can be provided by the Conference Secretariat).


All inquiries about the use of the logo should be directed to:

WCDR Secretariat
Palais des Nations, CH-1211
Geneva 10, Switzerland
Tel: +41-22-917-2759
Fax: +41-22-917-0169

 Form for waiver of liability
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