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Learning from today’s disasters for tomorrow’s hazards
2004 World Disaster Reduction Campaign
“Let’s learn to prevent disasters!” educational kit & Riskland game

UN/ISDR and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) have together produced an educational kit for children called “Let’s learn to prevent disasters!”. It includes the board game “Riskland” whereby players learn about what they can do to reduce disaster impacts by answering questions and advancing along the board’s winding path. The kit and game may be adapted according to the different hazards communities face, and translated into multiple languages. To date, the kit is available in English, Haitian Creole, Maya Kackchiquel, Nepali, Portuguese and Spanish, with translations into over 15 others currently underway.

Translate and adapt the educational kit and Riskland for your community!

UN/ISDR and UNICEF are pleased to provide the text and artwork of the educational kit “Lets learn to prevent disasters!” and Riskland game for adaptation and translation to raise awareness of disaster risk reduction.

The educational kit and Riskland may be adapted as appropriate. For example, the basic idea for the kit may be used but instead accompanied by drawings created by a local artist. Alternatively, the original artwork or text may be changed to reflect local hazards, culture and conditions. Even if the kit may already exist in a given language, a country or region may prefer to adjust the language and drawings to reflect local expressions or characters. The only limit is your imagination!

We request that all reproductions of the education kit include the ISDR and UNICEF logos (available on the CD-ROM with the artwork). For alternative formats of the logos and requests to include logos of other participating organizations, please contact UN/ISDR. We would appreciate for 5-10 copies of the new version to be sent to UN/ISDR to further promote and encourage inter-regional experience sharing and information exchange in disaster reduction.

To receive a kit (in English) and CD ROM of the artwork and text (in Coreldraw 10/11 format) for use in adaption and translation, please contact

Download approval form for translation/adaptation


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Riskland (PDF format)

1 Riskland
2 Rules of the game
3 Question spaces
4 Surprise spaces


Booklet "Let's learn to prevent disasters!" (PDF format)

  Full booklet
1 Message to the educational community
2 Let’s learn about disasters! Part 1
Nature is the source of life
What is a hazard?
What is a disaster?
Science corner
3 Games Part 1
Join the dots
Word games
4 Let’s learn about disasters! Part 2
What does vulnerability mean?
What is risk?
5 Can we prevent disasters?
Raise awareness in your community!
6 Games Part 2
Learn by association
7 Community risk maps
Know the dangers and get going!
Get going! Draw a risk map of your community!
8 A family plan for disaster preparedness
Get going! Get emergency kit ready!
9 How does it feel like when there’s a disaster?
10 Express yourself through art!
Children around the world express themselves through art
Find the right route and spot the institutions that should take part in risk management
11 Glossary