Results Based Management System

UNISDR adopted results-based management to support the implementation of its mandate.

The results of efforts by the staff and management of UNISDR were manifested in terms of systems and tools developed, implemented and evaluated. The biennial work plan demanded leadership and commitment from within and without.

UNISDR's Results-Based Management System (RBMS) is aimed to strengthen capacities, efficiencies and accountabilities in its management and programmatic functions and work processes to effectively deliver its mandate as well as its Strategic Framework.

RBMS sets up an internal mechanism to monitor accomplishment of results at different levels and measure impacts. It includes guidance for result-based monitoring and reporting of budget and expenditures for biennial work planning and their linkage with outputs/outcomes. Supported by the e-management tool, coherent reporting mechanisms are consequently put in place. It has provided excellent opportunities to review capacity gaps and training needs, and develop a performance measurement system.

UNISDR piloted the RBMS in the Asia-Pacific Regional Office during 2009-2011 to test online work planning, reporting and financial tracking systems. It was adopted by the Senior Leadership Group (SLG) in 2010 for the roll-out in all the Regional Offices with the introduction of an e-management tool (e-Tool) planning, reporting, project and financial management.

The initiative was launched with the Readiness Review of UNISDR's Results Based Management System. The review identified gaps in several areas for the proper implementation of the Results Based Management System. The major areas identified for improvement are as below:

Following the review, a detailed plan was drafted to track the implementation of the RBMS. The implementation status against the plan is regularly reviewed and updated.

UNISDR's Results Based Management System comprises three main components:

Online Management Tool (e-Tool)

UNISDR uses a web-based e-Management Tool (e-Tool) to facilitate the implementation of the UNISDR Strategic Framework and Biennial Work Programmes. The tool helps UNISDR to manage and track progress against its work programme, finance and projects on periodic basis.

Key RBMS Documents

Regional Platforms for Disaster Risk Reduction take place from Africa to the Pacific Regional Platforms for Disaster Risk Reduction take place from Africa to the Pacific.
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