National institutions that provide capacity and knowledge support for disaster risk reduction

This document summarizes the range of national institutions involved in in-country capacity development for disaster/emergency management and disaster risk reduction and provides an inventory institutes.

The summary is based on the 2014 project report Building Capacities for Resilience in Countries and Cities: Are National Training Institutions Capable and Prepared to meet the Challenges? commissioned by UNISDR ONEA-GETI and based on desk review and consultations with institutions and UNISDR Making Cities Resilient (MCR) campaign stakeholders. The desk review covered DRR capacity development by national governments, UN agencies, donors, regional intergovernmental organizations; websites and publications of training and higher education institutions, and DRR organizations database on PreventionWeb, as well as on discussions with officials from national/local governments, mayors, MCR Steering committee members, training institutions, universities, UNISDR and UNDP staff during the MCR stakeholder forum in Sept 2012 in Incheon, and the 4th session of the Global Platform in Geneva in May 2013.

The inventories of National Training Institutions offering Disaster Management and Disaster Risk Reduction Training Courses and List of Regional and International Institutions Providing Training on Disaster Risk Reduction were updated in October 2016.
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Capacity Development
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