Detailed building stock at regional scale in three size categories of settlements for 18 countries worldwide

This document presents a project which aims at improving the knowledge of the distribution of building type for 18 countries where more detailed information, than that previously gathered, became available. Secondly, the project attempts to solve the enumerating problem of population living and working int he different types of buildings identified in the first task. The validation of the method is performed by identifying homogeneous building types from satellite imagery and web-photos.

For the authors, it is necessary to define the properties of building stock for regions in which it is relatively homogeneous. However, for many countries, regions are located in different climates because of north-south extent of the country, and in others because of strongly different elevations. Therefore the ultimate aim for a high quality model for the worldwide building stock should include different assemblages of buildings for relatively homogeneous parts of most countries.

This document is a background paper of the 2015 Global Risk Assessment on Disaster Risk Reduction.


Tolis, S.; Rosset, P.; Wyss, M.
38 p.

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Structural Safety
Argentina, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Colombia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Greece, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Thailand
5th Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction in May 2017 5th Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction in May 2017.
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