HFA thematic review: Research area 2 - Priority for Action 3 - Core indicator 1

This review of HFA Priority 3.1 aims to describe both the progress and challenges in the indicator: “Relevant information on disasters is available and accessible at all levels to all stakeholders (through networks, development of information sharing systems)”. The publication provides some guidance to a post-2015 framework that will address the provision
of more actionable information, more effective monitoring of progress, and better knowledge management in the DRR domain.

The publication includes good practices and recommendations for better dissemination of information (pp. 26-61). Among others, these include:

  • The Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) community should develop mechanisms to promote networking and raise awareness of existing DRR networks at all major DRR conferences.
  • A consortium of major DRR information platforms should seek sponsorship for a common user needs analysis and the development of information demand profiles for specific target audiences.
  • DRR and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) information portals should develop and use automated information mechanisms (APIs) to exchange informate and reduce the duplication of effort.

This document is a background paper of the 2015 Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction.

Duncan, C.; Scherer, S.; Wade-Apicella, S.
112 p.

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