UNISDR working papers on public investment planning and financing strategy for disaster risk reduction: review of Peru (interim report)

This report contains the baseline for public investment in disaster risk management (DRM) and climate change adaptation (CCA) for Peru and summarizes activities implemented for Peru in the context of the joint UNISDR project entitled: “Building capacities for increased public investment in integrated climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction: 2012-2015”. The project is composed of three components: the establishment of reliable disaster loss database (Component 1), risk evaluation and probabilistic risk assessment profiles (Component 2) and economic analysis and policy reviews to support incorporation of risk management into public investment planning (Component 3).

This report can be divided into six narrative chapters and the conclusions section. Chapter 1 presents the general investment and budget frameworks. Chapter 2 outlines legal and regulatory framework for DRR/DRM and CCA. Chapter 3, the most important chapter in this document, highlights how DRM and CCA are incorporated in the development of the pre-investment studies of public investment projects. Complementary statistics suggests current challenges in the DRM/DRR mainstreaming in public investment. Chapter 4 lists up the methodological guidelines, which are well developed in Peru. Chapter 5 briefly explains contingency finance mechanism of the country. Chapter 6 focuses on the information management systems available for public investment and financial planners. The final section presents the conclusions of the report.

The Third World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction took place in 2015 The Third World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction took place in 2015.
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