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The UNISDR Library is an information centre for disaster risk reduction with over 10,000 publications, multimedia products and education resources.

Most of the libraries materials can be found below.

The UNISDR Library Collection reflects the activities of major stakeholders involved in disaster risk reduction for natural, environmental and technological hazards. It collects books, reports, educational materials, periodicals, proceedings of major conferences and workshops, and electronic resources to support the programmes and activities of UNISDR and its regional offices, governments, NGOs, and the international academic, technical and scientific community.

UNISDR Library Collection
Publications added in the last seven days
Climate change and indigenous people - Natural Hazards Observer (Volume XL - Number 4) SOURCE: Natural Hazards Center 2016
Seasonal vulnerability and risk calendar in Nepal SOURCE: GSDRC 2016
A methodological framework to operationalize climate risk management: managing sovereign climate-related extreme event risk in Austria SOURCE: Springer 2016
Extreme heat: hot cities adapting to a hotter world SOURCE: AIANY 2016
Building resilient and safe communities against poverty and disaster SOURCE: IIED 2016
Flood forecasting and early warning in transboundary river basins: a toolkit SOURCE: ESCAP; RIMES 2016
Ethiopia climate-smart agriculture scoping study SOURCE: FAO 2016
The national health security preparedness index SOURCE: RWJF 2016
9th European dialogue: microfinance in post-disaster/post-conflict areas and fragile states SOURCE: e-MFP 2016
Making headway in climate policy mainstreaming and ecosystem-based adaptation: two pioneering countries, different pathways, one goal SOURCE: Springer 2016
Water insecurity in the Gaza strip: adaptation strategies of farmers and households SOURCE: Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe; BMZ, Germany - gov; PARC 2016
South-south cooperation in action: urban resilience and risk transfer SOURCE: AIDMI 2016
Guidance for recording and sharing disaster damage and loss data SOURCE: JRC 2015
Urban coastal resilience: Valuing nature’s role SOURCE: Nature Conservancy 2015
Growing stronger: toward a climate-ready Philadelphia SOURCE: Philadelphia, City of 2015
Resilience of large investments and critical infrastructures in Europe to climate change SOURCE: JRC 2015
Regional Platforms for Disaster Risk Reduction take place from Africa to the Pacific Regional Platforms for Disaster Risk Reduction take place from Africa to the Pacific.
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