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The UNISDR Library is an information centre for disaster risk reduction with over 10,000 publications, multimedia products and education resources.

Most of the libraries materials can be found below.

The UNISDR Library Collection reflects the activities of major stakeholders involved in disaster risk reduction for natural, environmental and technological hazards. It collects books, reports, educational materials, periodicals, proceedings of major conferences and workshops, and electronic resources to support the programmes and activities of UNISDR and its regional offices, governments, NGOs, and the international academic, technical and scientific community.

UNISDR Library Collection
Publications added in the last seven days
Briefing note on tropical cyclones: Impacts, the link to climate change and adaptation SOURCE: Climate Analytics 2017
Learning and Action Alliance framework to facilitate stakeholder collaboration and social learning in urban flood risk management SOURCE: Elsevier 2017
Dialogue for climate action: designing dialogue for climate change - six fundamental principles for catalyzing climate action through dialogue SOURCE: WB 2017
Supporting the uptake of low cost resilience for properties at risk of flooding SOURCE: DEFRA, United Kingdom - gov 2017
Annual disaster statistical review 2016: the numbers and trends SOURCE: CRED; UCL 2017
Green infrastructure and flood management: Promoting cost-efficient flood risk reduction via green infrastructure solutions SOURCE: EEA 2017
Implications of geoengineering for developing countries SOURCE: ODI 2017
Mangroves as protection from storm surges in Bangladesh SOURCE: WB 2017
Built to last: Challenges and opportunities for climate-smart infrastructure in California SOURCE: UCS 2017
Institutionalizing protection in disaster risk reduction: A case study from the Dominican Republic SOURCE: Oxfam Intl 2017
Critical thresholds, extreme weather, and building resilience in the south central United States SOURCE: ISET 2017
Investing in prescribed burning: how much should we spend? SOURCE: Bushfire and Nat Hazards CRC 2017
Climate-smart agriculture sourcebook: Summary SOURCE: FAO 2017
Climate change, migration and displacement: the need for a risk-informed and coherent approach SOURCE: ODI; UNDP 2017
One against disaster and climate risks: A repository of good practices for strengthening DRR and CCA integration in ASEAN SOURCE: JICA, Japan - gov; ASEAN 2017
Finance for resilience building and ecosystem-based adaptation in Kenya: A comparative study of local and national managed funds SOURCE: IIED 2017
Building resilience to natural disasters in our states and territories SOURCE: Australian Business Roundtable for Disaster Resil and Safer Communities 2017
A global outlook on disaster science SOURCE: Elsevier 2017
Regional overview of food security and nutrition in Africa 2017 SOURCE: FAO 2017
Disability inclusion in disaster risk management: Promising practices and opportunities for enhanced engagement SOURCE: GFDRR; WB 2017
Human health impacts of climate change for New Zealand SOURCE: Royal Society Te Apārangi 2017
Heatwaves, homes & health: Why household vulnerability to extreme heat is an electricity policy issue SOURCE: RMIT 2017
5th Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction in May 2017 5th Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction in May 2017.
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