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The UNISDR Library is an information centre for disaster risk reduction with over 10,000 publications, multimedia products and education resources.

Most of the libraries materials can be found below.

The UNISDR Library Collection reflects the activities of major stakeholders involved in disaster risk reduction for natural, environmental and technological hazards. It collects books, reports, educational materials, periodicals, proceedings of major conferences and workshops, and electronic resources to support the programmes and activities of UNISDR and its regional offices, governments, NGOs, and the international academic, technical and scientific community.

UNISDR Library Collection
Publications added in the last seven days
Cost and benefits of ecosystem based adaptation SOURCE: IUCN; AFD, France - gov; CI 2016
Controlling floods and droughts through underground storage in the Ganges river basin SOURCE: IWMI 2016
Lower mainland flood management strategy in BC, Canada: phase 1 (summary report) SOURCE: FBC 2016
Higher losses and slower development in the absence of disaster risk management investments SOURCE: WB 2016
An analysis of human fatalities from flood hazards in Australia, 1900-1915 SOURCE: Bushfire CRC 2016
Report on review of state of the art: culture, DRR and cities SOURCE: EDUCEN 2016
Case studies of community resilience policy SOURCE: NIST, United States of America - gov 2016
World Heritage and Tourism in a Changing Climate SOURCE: UNESCO; UNEP; UCS 2016
RIMA-II: Resilience Index Measurement and Analysis - II SOURCE: FAO 2016
Bosnia and Herzegovina: hazard and risk maps SOURCE: UNDP Bosnia and Herz 2016
Climate change and labor: impacts of heat in the workplace SOURCE: WHO; UNDP; IOM; ILO; ACT; CVF; ITUC; UNI Global Union; International Organization of Employers 2016
Lessons learned from the Fukushima nuclear accident for improving safety and security of U.S. nuclear plants (phase 2) SOURCE: NAP; NRC 2016
Iraq: Impact of flood by possible failure of the Mosul dam SOURCE: JRC 2016
Implementing COP21 Paris agreement SOURCE: AIDMI 2016
Transforming river basin management : Stories from the Koshi Basin SOURCE: ICIMOD 2016
Land use planning to reduce wildfire risk: lessons from five western cities SOURCE: Headwaters Economics 2015
The indoor environmental side of resilience SOURCE: NIST, United States of America - gov 0
 The Third International Conference on Financing for Development (FfD) The Third International Conference on Financing for Development (FfD).
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