8th International Conference on Integrated Natural Disaster Management

Meeting or Conference
Global Risk Forum (GRF Davos); International Conference on Integrated Natural Disaster Management Secretariat (INDM)
14-15 Feb 2017
Iran (Tehran)


The International Conference on Integrated Natural Disaster Management (INDM) series conference is the largest of its kind in Iran and in the region with a platform for sharing knowledge, experience and discussing strategic and operational level issues for reducing the disaster risks and mitigation and adaptation to climate change impact.

The 8th INDM conference will bring together more than 900 participants including speakers, scientists, experts, policymakers, practitioners, the private sector and other key players Iran and different neighboring countries. 

The participants will have the possibility to attend different sessions, workshops and poster presentations, exchange information and experience, learn about methods and improve disaster management skills and knowledge.


  • Opportunities in SFDRR and COP21 Implementation at national and local levels.

  • International climate agreement and the COP21.

  • Linking Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with Disaster Risk Management

  • Natural hazard and human made disasters: earthquake, flood, wildfire, warm and cold wave, CBRN and naturally triggered technological (NATEC) disasters, multi-hazard, data analysis and modeling, remote sensing, GIS and using of drones for disaster response.

  • Natural hazard and human made disasters’ consequences in form of structural, environmental, financial and economic damage, estimation tools and process of the losses in real time and modeling, critical infrastructure and cascading impacts.

  • Natural hazard and determination of vulnerability, social dimensions of disasters, risk perception and communication, assessment of risk, hazard and risk mapping. 

  • Disaster Risk Management for Natural Hazards, long-term protection strategies and prevention and mitigation measures, structural and non-structural measures and tools, retrofitting and maintenance of critical infrastructure, public training, emergency exercises and drills, Making Cities Resilient Campaign (MCR-Campaign). 

  • The role of early warning, forecasting, contingency planning, emergency management, evacuation, recovery and build back better according to SFDRR 2015-2030. 

  • Decision support systems, decision making processes, risk governance, decision making tools, residual risk and active re-insurance and disaster micro insurance.

  • Mitigating droughts and floods in agriculture, characterizing and measuring droughts and floods.

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Climate Change, Disaster Risk Management
Iran, Islamic Rep of
5th Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction in May 2017 5th Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction in May 2017.
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