5th CR+I seminar: Lessons learned from the events of March 11

Meeting or Conference
International Association for the Study of Insurance Economics (Geneva Association)
28-29 Oct 2013
Japan (Sendai)
Trust City Conference Sendai (connected to the Westin Sendai)

The seminar will be structured into four workshops over two days: Workshop 1

The state of global development in disaster risk reduction (DRR)

Aim: Receive updates from UNISDR on global DRR discussions, and think about what role the insurance industry can play

  • Current state of global discussions on disaster risk resilience: Expectations for the insurance industry

  • Managing Risks of Weather Extremes in a Changing Climate: The Role of Climate Framework for Climate Services

Workshop 2

Lessons from 11 March (including a tour of the affected site)

  • Overview of earthquake and tsunami science

  • The state of stochastic tsunami hazard assessment

  • Review of the insurance industry responses, efforts in practice: disaster risk training

Workshop 3

Advancement in risk research

Aim: Understand recent developments in scientific findings in Nat Cat risk research. Exchange thoughts on how to best utilise the results.

  • Implications of March 11: Assessing the earthquake and tsunami risk in other regions of the world

  • Tropical cyclone genesis in the Pacific Ocean

  • Extreme Weather Hazards and Risks in Eastern Asia

Workshop 4

Harnessing public–private partnership programmes in the Asia-Pacific region Aim: Understand the mechanism of the newly launched Pacific Disaster Risk Financing Pilot Programme, and the challenges towards the future. Look into the possibilities of implementing similar initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region

  • Pacific Disaster Risk Financing Pilot Programme: The background, structure and prospects of the pilot programme

  • A view from the private insurance sector of disaster risk reduction and resilience at a national level and the role of insurance and reinsurance

The CR+I (Climate Risk and Insurance) and M.O.R.E. (Management of Risk in the Economy) seminars are an integral part of The Geneva Association'sRisk Management Programme and a key tool in the dialogue with other economic actors in order to emphasise the role of insurance in a modern service economy.

How to register

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Climate Change, Private Sector, Risk Identification & Assessment, Insurance & Risk Transfer, Disaster Risk Management
Cyclone, Earthquake, Tsunami
Regional Platforms for Disaster Risk Reduction take place from Africa to the Pacific Regional Platforms for Disaster Risk Reduction take place from Africa to the Pacific.
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