5th CR+I seminar: Lessons learned from the events of March 11

Meeting or Conference
International Association for the Study of Insurance Economics (Geneva Association)
28-29 Oct 2013
Japan (Sendai)
Trust City Conference Sendai (connected to the Westin Sendai)

The seminar will be structured into four workshops over two days:

Workshop 1

The state of global development in disaster risk reduction (DRR)

Aim: Receive updates from UNISDR on global DRR discussions, and think about what role the insurance industry can play

  • Current state of global discussions on disaster risk resilience: Expectations for the insurance industry
  • Managing Risks of Weather Extremes in a Changing Climate: The Role of Climate Framework for Climate Services

Workshop 2

Lessons from 11 March (including a tour of the affected site)

  • Overview of earthquake and tsunami science
  • The state of stochastic tsunami hazard assessment
  • Review of the insurance industry responses, efforts in practice: disaster risk training

Workshop 3

Advancement in risk research

Aim: Understand recent developments in scientific findings in Nat Cat risk research. Exchange thoughts on how to best utilise the results.

  • Implications of March 11: Assessing the earthquake and tsunami risk in other regions of the world
  • Tropical cyclone genesis in the Pacific Ocean
  • Extreme Weather Hazards and Risks in Eastern Asia

Workshop 4

Harnessing public–private partnership programmes in the Asia-Pacific region

Aim: Understand the mechanism of the newly launched Pacific Disaster Risk Financing Pilot Programme, and the challenges towards the future. Look into the possibilities of implementing similar initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region

  • Pacific Disaster Risk Financing Pilot Programme: The background, structure and prospects of the pilot programme
  • A view from the private insurance sector of disaster risk reduction and resilience at a national level and the role of insurance and reinsurance

The CR+I (Climate Risk and Insurance) and M.O.R.E. (Management of Risk in the Economy) seminars are an integral part of The Geneva Association'sRisk Management Programme and a key tool in the dialogue with other economic actors in order to emphasise the role of insurance in a modern service economy.

How to register

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Climate Change, Public-private Partnerships, Risk Identification & Assessment, Insurance & Risk Transfer, Disaster Risk Management
Cyclone, Earthquake, Tsunami
The United Nations General Assembly requested UNISDR to facilitate the development of a post-2015 framework for disaster risk reduction The United Nations General Assembly requested UNISDR to facilitate the development of a post-2015 framework for disaster risk reduction.
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