Climate change and energy sustainability

Training Course
Singapore Cooperation Programme (SCP)
21 Oct - 01 Nov 2013

Course objectives The course aims to provide an understanding of Singapore’s multi-agency engagement in formulating energy solutions to climate change. Participants will gain a better appreciation of issues surrounding climate change and the importance of collective mitigating actions taken on a global scale. They will also understand the types of clean and renewable sources of energy and the related technical principles. Course synopsis and methodology The topics include:

  • Introduction to climate change issues and developments

  • Singapore’s Whole-of-Government approach to energy efficiency

  • Master plan and road map for national climate change management

  • Economic evaluation of the costs and benefits of mitigation and adaptation measures

  • Effective regulations and enabling legislation

  • Sustainable energy management

  • Financing and insurance frameworks

  • Promotion of energy savings at home

  • Singapore, the Eco-city

  • Carbon emissions and risk management schemes

  • Tours and site visits  

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Target audience

Applicants should be:

  • Senior level government officials with at least two years experience in policymaking for sustainability and environmental excellence, or related fields

  • Currently involved in climate change and energy projects, financial and budgetary planning and management

  • Nominated by their respective Governments

  • Proficient in spoken and written English

  • In good health


Climate Change, Insurance & Risk Transfer, Governance, Economics of DRR, Critical Infrastructure
The Third World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction took place in 2015 The Third World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction took place in 2015.
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