Training on community based adaptation to climate change

Training Course
Center for Climate Change and Sustainability Research (CCCSR)
30-31 Aug 2013
06-07 Sep 2013

Climate change is a reality now and accelerating rapidly. It is happening and has already started to influence our life. Being not responsible at all, Bangladesh is the frontline victims of climate change in the globe. Flood, tropical cyclones, droughts, storm surges are most likely to become frequent and severe in coming years and will make it more difficult to achieve Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). So, action is needed to go for future activities to cope with climate change impact as well as make our community more resilient to climate changes. Knowledge on climate change risks could help taking adaptation measures into national policy and planning processes. Adaptation to climate change in water sector can reduce many of the adverse impacts of climate change and enhance beneficial impacts. Many adaptation strategies designed appropriately in advance, would provide long-term benefits. Activities required for enhancement of adaptive capacity are essentially equivalent to those promoting sustainable development. To address adaptation to climate change, Center for Climate Change and Sustainability Research is going to conduct a training on "Community Based Adaptation to Climate Change for Bangladesh" for the people who are concerned about the threats and challenges induced by Climate Change. Objectives

  • To increase the understanding of the risks of climate change and possible impacts of climate change.

  • To develop the capacity of NGO professionals to address climate change hazards in planning, design and management of projects.

  • To increases awareness in taking adaptive measures.

  • To design and implement appropriate adaptive measures for climate change impact in Bangladesh.

Course outline

  1. Introduction on Climate Change

  2. Adaptation to Climate change

  3. Community Based Approach on Climate Change Adaptation

  4. Impact of Climate Change on Health and Environmental Sanitation

  5. Impact of Climate change on WASH in BD

  6. Gender concept, Gender specific vulnerability and response to climate change

  7. Gender and climate hazard in Bangladesh

  8. Gender Specific Community Based Approach to Climate Change Adaptation

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Target audience

This course is designed to develop capacity of NGO professionals to enable them to increase the understanding of the risks of climate change and implement appropriate adaptive measures. This training course is also helpful for Academicians Environmentalists, Agriculturists, Engineers, Researchers, Economists and Planners.

How to register

For further information please email to event organizer.


Climate Change, Community-based DRR, Gender, Health & Health Facilities, Social Impacts & Social Resilience
Cyclone, Drought, Flood, Storm Surge
5th Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction in May 2017 5th Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction in May 2017.
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