EEA grants conference: Too much, too little - The role of water in adaptation to climate change

Meeting or Conference
Centre for Climate Impacts Adaptation and Modeling (CCIAM); Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning, Ministry of Justice and Public Security (DSB); EEA Grants; Portuguese Environment Agency
07-09 Oct 2013
Portugal (Lisbon)
Myriad Crystal Center

The Governments of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Portugal are hosting a conference on the role of water in adaptation to climate change.

The conference will explore:

  • The policy framework(s) for adaptation to climate change

  • The news in science related to impacts and vulnerabilities of water and water related sectors

  • The experiences in water related national challenges, such as drought, floods or storm surges

  • Adaptation policies and practices in cities, agriculture and in coastal areas

  • The need to think beyond national borders.

The working language for the conference is English. There won’t be interpretation for other languages.

In Portuguese:

Os Governos da Islândia, Liechtenstein, Noruega e Portugal organizam uma conferência sobre o papel da água na adaptação às alterações climáticas.

A conferência irá explorar:

  • Os enquadramentos políticos para adaptação às alterações climáticas;

  • As novidades na ciência relacionados com impactos e vulnerabilidades do sector água e sectores com ela relacionados;

  • As experiências em desafios nacionais relacionados com o tema água, tais como secas, cheias e tempestades;

  • Práticas e políticas de adaptação em cidades, agricultura e zonas costeiras;

  • A necessidade de pensar para além das fronteiras nacionais.

A língua de trabalho da conferência é o inglês. Não haverá interpretação para outras línguas.

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Target audience

Participation in this conference is targeted to those countries and actors involved in the EEA Grants programmes and/or in the development of adaptation policies in the EU. Therefore, most participants will be selected through direct invitations. However, it is likely that some seats will be available. If you have a particular interest in attending this conference let them know by using the email contact.

How to register

For more information, please contact the event organizer.


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Drought, Flood, Storm Surge
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