International conference on climate change impact and adaptation (I3CIA-2013)

Meeting or Conference
Center for Climate Change and Sustainability Research (CCCSR)
15-17 Nov 2013
Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology (DUET), Gazipur

Climate change is a reality now and accelerating rapidly. It is happening and has already started to influence our life. Being not responsible at all, Bangladesh is the frontline victim of climate change in the globe. Flood, tropical cyclones, droughts, storm surges are most likely to become frequent and severe in coming years and will make it more difficult to achieve Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). So, action is needed to go for future activities to cope with climate change impact as well as make our community more resilient to climate changes.

Knowledge on climate change risks could help taking adaptation measures into national policy and planning processes. To address climate change, Center for Climate Change and Sustainability Research is going to conduct International Conference on Climate Change Impact and Adaptation (I3CIA-2013).

It focuses on advances in scientific research, low carbon technologies, atmospheric phenomena which are relevant in developing countries, impacts (on land, sea and air) and mitigation, socio-economic impacts in developing countries, and climate change adaptation.

Conference theme

  1. Climate change and its impact
  2. Climate change and adaptation
  3. Climate change induced socio-economic impact in developing countries
  4. Climate change vulnerable community and groups
  5. Climate change versus sustainable development
  6. Climate change impact on water resources
  7. Salinity intrusion problem
  8. Climate change impact on agriculture and food security
  9. Air pollution and its effects
  10. Water management
  11. Waste and wastewater management
  12. River erosion and management
  13. Ecology and ecosystems
  14. Climate change impact on transportation management
  15. Technological development in the mitigation and/or adaptation processes
  16. Impact of climate change on human health
  17. Low carbon technologies
  18. Trade and climate change
  19. Mainstreaming climate change in to national planning system

Conference objectives

  1. To develop the context on climate change impacts
  2. To identify the sectors and regions of vulnerability to climate change impacts
  3. To identify the socio-economic status in the climate change affected area in developing countries including Bangladesh
  4. To create attention to climate change in Government portfolios, donors and others
  5. To promote sustainable development by knowledge sharing and technology transfer
  6. To promote the effective integration of climate change adaptation among the academia, government decision maker, concerned other agencies, international agencies and public

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Event fee

International delegates - $350, International students - $200; Local delegates - 2500 BDT, Local students - 2000 BDT

How to register

To register or for more information, please email the coordinator.

Deadline to register is 31 August 2013.


Climate Change, Health & Health Facilities, Governance, Water, Social Impacts & Resilience, Food Security & Agriculture
Cyclone, Drought, Flood, Storm Surge
The United Nations General Assembly requested UNISDR to facilitate the development of a post-2015 framework for disaster risk reduction The United Nations General Assembly requested UNISDR to facilitate the development of a post-2015 framework for disaster risk reduction.
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