International conference on biodefense and natural disasters

Meeting or Conference
21-23 Aug 2013
United States of America (Orlando, Florida)
Holiday Inn Orlando-International Airport, 5750 T G Lee Boulevard

Conference highlights:

  • Bio-threats: Biological weapons

  • Nuclear disasters

  • Biodefense & emerging infectious diseases

  • Immunotherapeutics & vaccines

  • Biosafety and biosecurity measures

  • Bio-detectors & biosensors

  • Public health in concern to biothreat and biodefense

  • Applied research and technology in biodefense

  • Environmental hazards & natural disasters management

  • Climate change and extreme weather

  • Earthscience and ecology

  • Ocean-physics and astrophysics

  • Current approaches in environmental studies

  • Environmental modelling

  • Spatial monitoring and response technology for disasters management

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Event fee

Academics: conference - $699 to $899, package A - $1199 to 1399, package B - $1375 to $1575; Business: conference - $799 to $999, package A - $1399 to $1799, package B - $1599 to $1999; Student: $300

What is included in the event fee

Conference includes:

  1. All program

  2. Reception banquet

  3. Coffee break during the conference

  4. Handbook

  5. A free paper abstract

  6. Lunch during the conference

Package A includes: Above 6 features including the following:

  • (7) Breakfast during the conference

  • (8) 3 Nights accommodation (i.e. August 20th, 21st,22nd ) of deluxe single/double room at Orlando, Florida, USA

Package B includes: Above 8 features including the following

  • (9) 1 Night extra accommodation i.e. August 24th(total 4 Nights)

How to register

Please register online

For offline registration, please email the event coordinator or contact +1-650-268-9744

Please visit the website to submit an abstract

Early registration fees end 29 April 2013 Late registration ends 11 June 2013


Climate Change, Environment & Ecosystems, Health & Health Facilities, Disaster Risk Management
NBC - Nuclear, Biological, Chemical
United States of America
Regional Platforms for Disaster Risk Reduction take place from Africa to the Pacific Regional Platforms for Disaster Risk Reduction take place from Africa to the Pacific.
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