Local Emergency Assessment Response Network (LEARN) training 5th cycle

Training Course
Swiss Interchurch Aid (HEKS)
Other organizer:
Yayasan Holianaa (YH)
08-19 Apr 2013
Indonesia (Nias Islan, North Sumatra)
DRR Competence Center and Livelihood Training Center, Simanaere Village

The LEARN project is unique in its kind on Sumatra. LEARN is situated at an important interface of the Indonesian DRM structure closing the gap between the local disaster management entities, NGOs on the spot, community organizations and most importantly the affected communities.

The following modules are incorporated in the twelve day LEARN training cycle:

Module 1: Introduction into the topics Emergency Response, Disaster Risk Reduction, Preparedness and Disaster Management and the LEARN approach
Module 2: Preparedness and mitigation measures before a disaster occurs
Module 3: Safety and security
Module 4: First aid in disasters
Module 5: Risk analysis
Module 6: Rapid needs assessment - Reporting
Module 7: Communication - Technical know how - Equipment use
Module 8: Emergency WASH and shelter
Module 9: Psychology – Coping with stress and trauma basics
Module 10: Logistics – Distribution – Proposals
Module 11: Evacuation
Module 12: Design and implement disaster management trainings and community based disaster management plans

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How to register

For the moment, the LEARN training is only for NGOs in Sumatra. But for information and cooperation opportunities, please contact LEARN or email training@holianaa.or.id


Civil Society/NGOs, Community-based DRR, Recovery
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