E-learning course on safe and resilient cities

Training Course
World Bank, the (WB)
22 Apr - 22 May 2013
15 Oct - 15 Nov 2013

This e-learning course focuses on disaster risk management (DRM) at the city level. Participants will learn, in particular, about planning and decision making under uncertainty and how to make their cities more resilient to climate change impacts and natural disasters. The course provides cutting edge tools on vulnerability assessment, institutional assessment and gap analysis, and on how to access finance for risk management.

This course is divided into 4 modules:

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Technical analysis and vulnerability assessment
Module 3: Accessing finance for urban DRM and resilience
Module 4: Building and implementing the Local Resilience Action Plan (LRAP)

The course includes case studies from cities from around the world, presentations, videos and a selection of useful readings for further in-depth knowledge. In addition, discussion forums will be organized and facilitated around each module, fostering participation and knowledge sharing among peers. Assignments will have to be completed according to the proposed schedule in order to successfully conclude and receive a certificate.

Upon completion of the course, each city participant should be able to form a team in charge of urban resilience planning, develop a LRAP, including operational measures (regarding city governance, infrastructure of environmental services, health, access to financial services, education, etc.), and define an implementation strategy.

Please consider the following in terms of time commitment:

Module 1: 12 hours
Module 2: 12 hours
Module 3: 8 hours
Module 4: 8 hours


Urban development, innovative cities

Sub theme

Public safety and resiliency, public safety and resiliency language

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Event fee

US $ 250

Target audience

City officials in developing countries

How to register

Please apply online.


Climate Change, Education & School Safety, Environment, Health & Health Facilities, Risk Identification & Assessment, Urban Risk & Planning, Governance, Economics of DRR, Disaster Risk Management, Social Impacts & Resilience, Vulnerable Populations
The Third World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction will take place in 2015 The Third World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction will take place in 2015.
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