Third Baltadapt policy forum on climate change adaptation in the Baltic Sea Region

Meeting or Conference
Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS)
29-30 May 2013
Estonia (Tallinn)

The 3rd policy forum interactive working sessions will focus on:

  • Introduction and discussions on the final draft of the BSR Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and first draft of the accompanying action plan

  • Discussions on the coherence between the BSR climate adaptation strategy and the EU respective strategy

  • Financing adaptation measures

  • Climate change adaptation and civil protection; follow-up workshop with EUSBSR PA Secure

  • EU SBSR and the North-West Russia development strategy – mainstreaming climate change

Participants of this policy forum will be high level policy makers and representatives from relevant national ministries, the European Commission, international and regional organizations and academic institutions in the field of climate change and adaptation from across the Baltic Sea Region. Participants of the forum will be invited to give input to:

  • The draft proposal for a climate change adaptation strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and the accompanying action plan

  • Concrete actions on how to ensure the implementation of the BSR climate change adaptation strategy by linking the EU and national/ sub-regional adaptation strategies and real actions

The meeting will suggest a follow-up process on how to further develop and negotiate the proposal on a climate change adaptation strategy for the BSR until it is ready for adoption by member states. The project and organising partners have financial resources for the organisation and implementation of the overall event. However, there are very limited possibilities to finance travel and accommodation for key-note speakers, moderators and facilitators.

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How to register

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Final date for registration is March 15th, 2013.


Climate Change, Environment & Ecosystems, Governance, Economics of DRR
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