Disaster risk management (DRM) workshop

Training Course
16-18 Apr 2013
Australia (Melbourne)
The Hub, Level 1, 673 Bourke

Purpose of Workshop / Skills Taught / Methodology

The purpose of the DRM workshop is both to develop practical skills for risk management practitioners who are
involved in initiatives across the Disaster Risk Management Cycle (DRMC) spectrum in both Australia, and the Asian-Pacific region.

Effective Disaster Risk Management is taught around four key diagrams, a summary of which is covered in DRM diagram framework link.

This is a practically-based intensive workshop which combines both classroom teaching and, for those seeking advanced standing towards off-campus graduate courses offered by five Australian universities, follow-up assignments.

This is an accredited course, where the workshop plus assignment is recognised as advanced standing towards off-campus postgraduate courses in Development Studies, International Health, and Emergency Management, as offered by five Australian universities. No scholarships are offered.

Workshop Itinerary

The DRM is an intensive three day workshop with the
following modules being covered.

Module 1: Key Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Issues (1)
Module 2/3: Key Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Issues (2)
Module 4: Lessons from Indonesian earthquake and tsunamis.
Module 5: Lessons from Australian Bushfires
Module 6: Psycho-social Support
Module 7: The Effective Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Diagram
Module 8: Risk Management.
Module 9: Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Planning
Module 10: Project Management Issues
Modules 11/12: DRR Group Work
Module 13: Humanitarian Laws, Standards, and Codes of Conduct
Module 14: Security Management
Module 15: Recent Complex Emergency Case Study
Modules 16/17: Final Group Exercise
Module 18: Course Closure

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Event fee

AUD $ 1,100 (exclusive of GST) for three day workshop only AUD $ 1,300 (exclusive of GST) for workshop plus follow-up assignment

Target audience

This workshop is designed both for disaster risk management practitioners who are likely to be working in the South/SE Asia Region.

These organisations (and separate individuals) include:
• NGO, Government, UN agencies, or private contractors
supporting overseas or Australian disaster risk
management situations.
• Australian Community or Faith-based organisations
supporting domestic or overseas humanitarian situations
• Students studying this subject as part of their
postgraduate studies
• Media representatives, returned volunteers, consultants,
or other interested individuals

How to register

Please post, or scan & email a copy of the Registration Form to:
Mr Chris Piper, Director TorqAid
PO Box 13, Torquay, VIC 3228
Australia. Tel: + 61 41 2497317
[email protected]

Please note that registrations should be received by Wed 10th April 2013

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Capacity Development, Recovery, Governance, Disaster Risk Management, Social Impacts & Resilience
Earthquake, Tsunami, Wild Fire
Australia, Indonesia
Regional Platforms for Disaster Risk Reduction take place from Africa to the Pacific Regional Platforms for Disaster Risk Reduction take place from Africa to the Pacific.
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