1st international conference on urban sustainability and resilience

Meeting or Conference
University College London (UCL)
05-06 Nov 2012
United Kingdom (London)
University College London, Gower Street

The continuing trend toward urbanisation has brought to the fore the linkages between human societies, the technological world which they have created and live in, and the natural environment. Understanding these linkages is crucial to the survival of our species.

Engineers, policy makers, designers and planners are some of the key professions shaping the future of the urban world. The decisions they make today will often affect many generations to come. As such it is essential that their decision be backed by knowledge which is both scientifically sound and also fully aware of the human factors inherent in urban issues.

The first international conference in Urban Sustainability has three main objectives:

  • Bring together a strong research community committed to address some of the most pressing issues that human societies have ever faced

  • Take stock of the current state of knowledge in the field of urban sustainability and resilience

  • Put forward a coherent future research agenda in the field.

The central themes of the conference will be:

  • Facets of urban resilience

  • Integrating and engineering sustainable and resilient urban systems

  • Feeding the city

  • Towards a low-carbon urban environment

In addition the conference welcomes papers and posters appropriate to one or more of the following topics:

  • Eco-cities

  • Managing ageing infrastructure

  • Measuring resilience

  • Sustainability indicators

  • Transport

  • Waste

  • Water

  • Energy

  • Security

  • Food

  • ICT

  • Materials

  • Retrofitting

  • Urban visions

  • Adapting to climate change

  • Governance

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Event fee

From £150.00 to £320.00

What is included in the event fee

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All packages include refreshments and lunch on both days and:

  • Reception Dinner Sun 4th November

  • Conference pass 5th-7th November

  • Evening meal on 5th November

Target audience

The first international conference in Urban Sustainability and Resilience will bring together world experts from across a wide range of engineering, science and social science disciplines.

How to register

Please, register online here.


Climate Change, Urban Risk & Planning, Governance, Water, Social Impacts & Social Resilience, Food Security & Agriculture
United Kingdom
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