E-learning course on safe and resilient cities

Training Course
World Bank, the (WB)
06-29 Feb 2012
United States of America (Washington D.C.)
04-29 Jun 2012
United States of America (Washington D.C.)
19 Nov - 19 Dec 2012

The e-Learning course will expose city officials and practitioners to cutting edge tools on vulnerability assessment, policy and programs stock tacking and gaps analysis, finance access and on decision making under uncertainty to identifying options and establishing priorities to make the city more resilient to climate change impacts and natural disasters. The e-Learning course will be delivered through 4 modules, as presented above: - Introduction; - Technical Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment; - Accessing Finance for urban DRM and resilience; - Building the LRAP and Implementing the Action Plan. An interactive e-learning platform will be developed optimizing outreach and impact. This platform should allow also continue content upgrading, by means of adaptation of the Core Course by WBI regional counterparts (center of excellence) which will add context-specific content (i.e., case studies) and future incorporation of new modules. It is also expected that each city participating to the e-Learning will be able to form a team in charge of urban planning for resilience, to develop a set of measure – spanning governance, infrastructure, environmental services, health, access to funds/finance, education, etc., and to define an implementation strategy. The interactive e-Learning platform will host all the information, documents and LRAPs each city will develop. Updates, discussions and exchanges will be solicited and facilitated by WBI.

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Event fee

US $ 250

Target audience

City officials.

How to register

Registration deadline: November 15th, 2012.

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Climate Change, Environment & Ecosystems, Health & Health Facilities, Risk Identification & Assessment, Urban Risk & Planning, Governance, Economics of DRR, Disaster Risk Management, Social Impacts & Social Resilience, Critical Infrastructure
United States of America
5th Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction in May 2017 5th Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction in May 2017.
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