Regional Organizations & Platforms

Regionals and DRR

Regional Disaster Risk Reduction

Regional organizations and platforms are key to advancing disaster risk reduction.

These regional structures, including ministerial conferences and sub-regional inter-governmental initiatives, are increasingly taking ownership for disaster risk reduction actions and following up on the Hyogo Framework for Action.

Regional inter-governmental organizations have increasingly taken responsibility to follow-up on risk reduction activities and Hyogo Framework for Action implementation. This has transformed into multi-stakeholder platforms for disaster risk reduction in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, the Arab States, Europe and the Americas. They provide an opportunity to exchange information and knowledge among national stakeholders, as well as determining the way forward for DRR action in a given region.

Regional PlatformsThey provide a forum for organizations and governments to share and coordinate DRR at the regional level.

Governments recognize the need for regional collaboration on disaster risk reduction and have taken the initiative to organize ministerial conferences for disaster risk reduction. These conference have successfully brought together key stakeholders including governments, regional inter-governmental organizations, technical and scientific institutions involved in disaster risk reduction, non-governmental organizations, the private sector, donors and the media.

These processes are gradually being institutionalized and represent unique regional opportunities for stakeholders to share experiences, plan, monitor progress and take collective strategic decision and action to enhance the implementation of disaster risk reduction along the Hyogo Framework for Action. The outcomes are used by national states, sub-regional organizations and development partners to align priorities and seek investment opportunities. They also are used as benchmarks in the regions to monitor the implementation of the Hyogo Framework.

The Global Platform for Disater Risk Reduction

The outcomes from regional platforms feed into the biennial Global Platform to support effective action to reduce disasters, to expand the political space devoted to the issue, and to contribute to the implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action and disaster risk reduction activities globally.

Regional Compendium 2012-2013

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