This country is covered by UNISDR's Asia and Pacific office.

This risk profile is currently being updated with new data from the 2013 Global Risk Update.

Focal Points

Hyogo Framework for Action

Cabinet Office, Government of Japan

Website: http://www.cao.go.jp/
Contact: Director for Disaster Preparedness, Public Relations and International Cooperation Division, Disaster Management Bureau
Phone: +81 335 026 983

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Institutional Structure / National Platform Description

1) Four councils of important policies
Four councils of important policies comprising
relevant government ministers and persons of expertise
have been established under the Prime Minister or the
Chief Cabinet Secretary. These councils assist the
Cabinet and the Prime Minister by serving as "forums of
knowledge" for them.They are:
Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy
Council for Science and Technology Policy
Central Disaster Management Council
Council for Gender Equality
2) Ministers of State for Special Missions
Ministers of State for Special Missions are placed
only within the Cabinet Office in order to draft plans and
provide comprehensive coordination for important
Cabinet policies in a powerful and timely manner.
Currently, Ministers of State for Special Missions are
placed in charge of the following areas:
Economic and Fiscal Policy
Regulatory Reform
Industrial Revitalization Corporation of Japan
Science and Technology Policy
Disaster Management
Okinawa and Northern Territories Affairs
Youth Affairs and Measures for Declining Birthrate
Gender Equality
Food Safety
Financial Services
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HFA Progress Reports

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Other Policy, Plans & Statements

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Country Information

128.0 million
GDP 2007:
5,120.1 billion USD

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