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Finland has a National Platform

Focal Points

National Platform, Hyogo Framework for Action

Ministry of the Interior

Contact: Ministerial Adviser
Phone: +358 295 488 423 +358 504 560 008

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Institutional Structure / National Platform Description


Finnish national platform was started in the 7th of May 2010.


The executive group consists of high level officials and members from organizations as follows:

  1. Ministry of the Interior
  2. Ministry for Foreign Affairs
  3. Prime Minister’s Office
  4. Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
  5. Ministry of the Environment
  6. Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
  7. Ministry of Transport and Communications
  8. National Emergency Supply Agency
  9. Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities
  10. Finnish Meteorological Institute   
  11. Finnish Environment Institute
  12. Institute of Seismology
  13. Finnish Red Cross  

In the preparation group there are experts from the same organizations as above except Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities and Ministry of the Environment.


The Finnish national platform has no separate funding and the costs are covered by the participating organizations.


  • Finnish national platform is aiming at improving the preparedness of the society and reduce the damage caused by possible  natural disasters
  • Another goal of Finnish national platform is also to pull together different actors and utilize the work that already has been done and coordinate better the work that is going to be done as far as natural disasters are concerned
  • Finnish national platform also aims at developing cooperation with EU and neighbouring countries and support developing countries to build more risk resilient societies.


The preparation group is preparing a plan for activities of the national platform for the steering group. The steering group will make the decision about the plan in September.

Activities that have been agreed on:

  • 7th of May 2010: Kick off meeting of the national platform
  • 18th of June 2010: Preparation group meeting
  • 16th of August 2010: Preparation group meeting
  • 2nd of September 2010: Steering group meeting
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Country Information

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