Training Course
National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA)
20 Feb 2013
United States of America (Cleveland, OH)
28 Feb 2013
United States of America (Lake Mary, FL)

Concrete Joint Sustainability Initiative

An informative one-day workshop to integrate resilience planning into essential services and infrastructure needs.


Over the past few decades, there was an exponential increase in human and material losses from disaster events. 2011 was a record-setting year for loss of life and property in virtually every part of the county and 2012 has already produced another set of tragic, record-setting convective storms and wildfires. While the green building movement has traditionally focused on the environmental aspects of buildings, communities are now addressing the need for resilience while rebuilding to meet the challenge of the next natural or man-made disaster.


Comprehensive Agenda

The workshop covers a wide range of topics designed to formalize the process of implementing disaster resilient construction at the community level.

Items covered include:

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Event fee


What is included in the event fee

Lunch and Technical Resource CD are provided

Target audience

Intended for community leaders, builders, contractors, architects, engineers, planners, product suppliers and risk managers. The General Public is Welcome!

How to register

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