Meeting or Conference
YAKKUM Emergency Unit member of ACT Alliance (YEU)
13-14 Oct 2012
Indonesia (Minggu)
Lapangan Timur Mandala Krida, Yogyakarta

Women of disaster affected populations need to be perceived as people with capacity and power, not as vulnerable people. They are the first responders and the key contributors to the welfare of the community and major contributors to community resilience.

With regard to the commemoration of the World Disaster Reduction Day with the theme of Women and Girls in Disaster Risk Reduction and International Rural Women Day, YEU will hold a series of activities to engage and raise awareness of the community to eliminate the label of women and girls as only vulnerable groups and began to give space to women's participation in DRR efforts. The series of events to be held are interactive discussion, campaign and training of using plastic waste into crafts that will involve communities, women's groups, NGOs and the government.

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