Training Course
Myanmar - government
29 Sep - 01 Oct 2012
Myanmar (Thingyangyi village of Lapputta township)

According to the guidance of Myanmar Disaster Preparedness Agency Tsunami Drills for International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction (2012) was completed in Thingyangyi village of Lapputta township in Ayeyarwaddy Region.

In this process, Department of Metrology and Hydrology issued Earthquake Notification at (08:15) am, Tsunami Alert at (08:30), Tsunami Warning at (08:45), and Abrogation of Tsunami Warning at (10:30) through Natural Disaster Preparedness Teams to public in Thingangyi village of Lapputta township in Ayeyarwaddy Region.

In that Tsunami Drills, responsible persons from Relief and Resettlement Department, from General Administrative Departments of Lapputa Distrist and Township, from World Vision and Action Aid, from Natural Disaster Preparedness Teams in Distrist/ Township/ Village level , from Myanmar Red Cross Society and also public of Thingyangyi village participated. So altogether total participants in Tsunami Drills was (1606) persons.

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