Training Course
National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM)
10 Dec 2012 - 04 Jan 2013


The National Institute of Disaster Management in partnership with the World Bank (GFDRR), Washington offers a series of e-Learning Programmes on Disaster Risk Management.

The courses provide excellent opportunities for distant participants to learn about the management and mitigation of Disaster Risks under professional guidance. The training materials in the form of CDs are sent through post which may also be accessed through online course platform. The programme includes discussion, queries, clarifications, assignments and end-of-course projects which are evaluated by our experienced course facilitators. Successful candidates are provided certificates jointly issued by the NIDM and the World Bank (GFDRR).

Course theme

A course for policy makers addressing the financial, economic, and development impact of disasters, and the trade-offs involved in disaster risk financing. It provides tools for planning, budgeting, and improving national macroeconomic projections.

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Target audience

Policy makers