Ecosystem Protection, Management and Resilient Agriculture for Reducing Disaster Risks

25 May 2017
17:00 - 18:30
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United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR)
Mr. Glenn Dolcemascolo ([email protected])
Participation: Public
Accessible: Yes
Primary floor language: English
Interpretation: Yes [FR]
ISL Interpretation: No
Live Broadcast: No
Remote Participation: No

Poor land management, unsustainable use of natural resources and declining ecosystems have been counted among the most significant drivers of disaster risk that need to be addressed. This underscores how environmental conditions contribute to natural hazards and how ecosystem health affects a community’s exposure and vulnerability to those hazards.

The working session will examine efforts by government in partnership with civil society science and the business sector are working together to address these challenges and scale up investments in ecosystem-based solutions that reduce disaster risk and deliver on related goals of sustainable development and action to address climate change.

In particular, the session will consider how chosen agricultural and natural resource management practices can build resilience or create risk, share lessons in how to reduce disaster risk, preserve biodiversity and accrue other socio-economic benefits through wise management of natural resources, and identify practical measures to scale-up investments in ecosystem and natural resource management for disaster risk reduction.