News & Media

Global Platform conference badges are essential for all journalists to gain access to the venue. Only one badge is needed to cover all Global Platform sessions for the duration of the conference.


The UN Press Corps can receive their Global Platform conference badge on presentation of their UN badge. Other journalists must provide proof of credentials to receive a badge to attend the conference.

In order to avoid delays entering the conference, journalists are strongly advised to register in advance.

Media contact

Ms. Brigitte Leoni
Senior Communications Officer
Tel: +41 917 77908
Mobile: +41 76 691 04 41
Email: [email protected]

Social media

To raise awareness of the Global Platform, UNISDR has launched the "From Sendai to Cancun" social media campaign. If you use Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr, you can show your support for the campaign here on Thunderclap. Please encourage members of your networks to do likewise.

UNISDR is also launching a blog similar to the one created for the Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction. This time, posts will be published via UNISDR's Tumblr account, with a feed to this Global Platform website. The blog is intended to provide insights about disaster risk reduction and resilience in a way that is accessible to general readers and specialists alike. If you want to write a post, please contact Jonathan Fowler, Public Information Officer at UNISDR ([email protected]), for details of the requirements.

Images, videos, suggested social media content and other Global Platform communications materials are available on UNISDR's Trello board.

And don't forget to use the #MEXICOGP2017 hashtag online to spread the word about the Global Platform.