Partner Profile

International Council for Research and Innovation in Building (CIB)
Global Campaign Partners
  • Activites in the campaign

    • CIB shares and exchanges information, knowledge, expertise and cooperation regarding policies that includes disaster risk reduction.
    • CIB will collaborate on planning and implementation of joint programs including organizing training courses, conferences, seminars and workshops.
    • CIB will participate and contribute to relevant international campaigns and initiatives including the “Making Cities Resilient” campaign.
    • Web-based seminars will be carried out with the objective of sharing knowledge and expertise of CIB members in the area of disaster resilience together with UN-ISDR and the cities that are involved in the ‘Making Cities Resilient Campaign’.
    • A joint CIB and UN-ISDR Roadmap publication is sought to identify key research and development needs in the area of urbanization and disaster resilience.