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Association Territoires Solidaires
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  • Mission & Disaster Reduction Profile

  • L'Association Territoires Solidaires réunit des personnes bénéficiant d’une large expérience dans le domaine du développement territorial tant en Europe qu’en Amérique latine dans le cadre d’organisation gouvernementales, non-gouvernementales ou d’actions communautaires.

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  • Activites in the campaign

    • Opportunities for future cooperation includes the use of the campaign as a framework.
    • Association Territoires Solidaires – in conjunction with UNHABITAT – are currently developing a capacity-building package for Chile and other parts of Latin America.
    • Association Territories Solidaires is co-author for the Handbook for Mayors.
    • The Association has committed to raise the campaign’s visibility among the local governments they work with.
    • The Association is welcoming members of the “Making Cities Resilient” campaign to apply in their work our capacity-building package.