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Earthquakes and Megacities Initiative (EMI)
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  • Mission & Disaster Reduction Profile

  • EMI is an international non-profit scientific non-governmental organization dedicated to advancing urban disaster risk reduction knowledge, policy and practice. It serves as a catalyst for the delivery of scientific and technical knowledge to the end-users, focusing its efforts on developing capacity in megacities and other complex urban centers of the developing world where the effects of earthquakes and other hazards could be devastating to people, economy, culture, and environment.

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  • Activites in the campaign

    • Since 2009, EMI has participated in shaping the Resilient Cities campaign, developing a strategy and following-up on progress.
    • EMI has foster city to city cooperation, including a city-to-city exchange between Makati and Kathmandu that focuses on risk-sensitive land use planning and land-pooling. EMI members are represented at the Campaign Advisory Panel.
    • EMI’s active participation in creating the Local Government Self Assessment Tool and the Handbook for Mayors has been of great value.
    • EMI encourages city-to-city cooperation through their regular activities.