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United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG HQ)
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  • Mission & Disaster Reduction Profile

  • Founded in May 2004 and headquartered in Barcelona, United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) is the united voice and world advocate of democratic local self-government. It represents and defends the interests of local and regional governments on the world stage, regardless of the size of the communities they serve.

    UCLG’s major areas of policy include local democracy, climate change and sustainable development, Achievement of the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations (MDG), local finance, urban development, urban risk reduction, city diplomacy for peace building.

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  • Activites in the campaign

    • UCLG has been a partner in the Making Cities Resilient campaign since its set out and participated in the definition of the campaign strategy.
    • UCLG hosted the first partnership meeting in Barcelona in 2009, and has organized different events in the “Africities 5” December 2009 with UNISDR and African Mayors; a workshop with Mayors from West Africa and Southern Africa.
    • UCLG has integrated the principles of the Making Cities Resilient campaign in its Action Plan adopted in Mexico 2010.
    • According to Mr.
    • Boussaraoui, “people are very aware” of the potential impact of disasters in their territory and the public is absorbing disaster risk reduction concepts in areas where UCLG is working.
    • Opportunities for future cooperation includes the promotion of UNISDR’s campaign.
    • UCLG’s next big focus is on Rio+20, where their involvement is expected to revolve around four messages: UN governance; climate change; incorporation of culture as one of the pillars of sustainable development; and the Making Cities Resilient Campaign.