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United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
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  • Mission & Disaster Reduction Profile

  • UNESCO is the United Nations’ specialized agency for education, science and culture. Since its creation in 1945, the Organization has worked to promote knowledge and education worldwide. Its close links with professional and academic communities and other partners in 193 countries put it in a key position to press for action.

    UNESCO works to create the conditions for dialogue among civilizations, cultures and peoples, based upon respect for commonly shared values. It is through this dialogue that the world can achieve global visions of sustainable development, encompassing observance of human rights, mutual respect and the alleviation of poverty, all of which are at the heart of UNESCO’S mission and activities.

    UNESCO’s mission is to contribute to the building of peace, the eradication of poverty, sustainable development and intercultural dialogue through education, the sciences, culture, communication and information.

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  • Activites in the campaign

    • UNESCO has made efforts in promoting the 10 essentials for the “Making Cities Resilient” campaign, especially in the field of Essential No.
    • 5 (school safety), Essential No.
    • 6 (building regulations) and Essential No.
    • 7 (DRR education).
    • UNESCO is already a partner of the One Million Safe Schools and Hospitals Campaign and will continue its efforts in advocating school safety and DRR education.
    • In addition, for the time being UNESCO is currently coordinating the ISDR Global Task Force on Building Codes ( and intends to contribute to the World Campaign by providing information on realistic risk-compliant building codes and practices.