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    28 Jul 2014

    UNISDR and the Rockefeller Foundation plan to take urban resilience to a new level by partnering closely on helping targeted cities and their citizens to prosper, thrive and overcome man-made challenges and natural hazards.

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    23 Jul 2014

    Armenia’s Minister of Emergency Situations has praised the Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA) for inspiring “significant progress” in his country’s efforts to reduce disaster risk.

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    1 Jul 2014

    The vast majority of towns and municipalities in the earthquake-prone Italian Province of Potenza, have joined the UNISDR Making Cities Resilient Campaign. Over 10,000 people died and several towns in Potenza were destroyed in the 1857 Basilicata or Great Neapolitan Earthquake which led to significant advances in the study of seismology.

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