Business continuity awareness week 2013

Type: Meeting or Conference

Organizer(s): Business Continuity Institute

Date: 18-22 Mar 2013


  • Description

  • The target of the BCAW is to make people aware of all the risks and their potential impact to either their professional or their personal life, in order to make our world a safer place for everyone – including the generations to follow.

    The organizers aim at educating people from their early life stages so as to make communities resilient.

    Having this in mind, this year’s theme for BCAW2013 is: 'For the risks you can see and the ones you can’t'.

    Business Continuity Awareness Week (BCAW) is an annual global event that is facilitated by the BCI and is a key vehicle to raising the awareness of business continuity by showcasing its value as a strategic and integrated business discipline.

    BCAW opens up the doors to anyone who wants to find out more about what business continuity is all about and how it might benefit their own organization at no cost and with no obligation. It is a chance to look through the business continuity window and step through the door that leads to a whole new approach that will transform the way you deal with risks in the future.

    Equally, BCAW provides BC professionals with a resourceful framework to help spread the good word about the discipline and to engage staff and clients in business continuity activities as a way to increasing awareness, deepening understanding and developing ownership for BC within yours or their organization.

    BCAW provides a free education platform, giving access to a wide range of multi-media resources, including free-to-join webinars, live Q&A panels and regional forums, latest research reports, case studies and more, as well some great hands-on activities like playing our online crisis simulation game, which is normally only available on an annual licence basis, which is usually charged at the very reasonable price of just £250 per annum.

    It is a time to get involved; a time to learn and share good business practice with others. It is a time to convert and be converted; to teach and to understand. We hope that you will make the most of the opportunities this week will offer you to continue your good work as ambassadors for the BC discipline and to enable your staff and clients to develop a deeper understanding of what business continuity is all about.

    During the BCAW a number of webinars will take place, such as:

    • Learning from earthquakes, non-structural retrofitting and other mitigation...
    • Supply chain resilience - is it getting better?
    • Vision therapy - helping you to see more risks
    • Using ISO 22301 to build resilient supply chains
    • Major global risk trends (WEF)
  • How to register

  • Register online for the webinars