World building congress 2013

Type: Meeting or Conference

Organizer(s): International Council for Research and Innovation in Building

Date: 05-09 May 2013

Location: Brisbane (Australia)

Venue: Brisbane Convention Centre


  • Description

  • This triennial congress will focus on the relationship between construction and society. How can research help to maximise the contribution of constructed assets to social goals? How will the research community meet emerging social needs?

    A special conference session will be provided on the topic of 'Making Cities More Resilient'.

    Academics, researchers, students, professionals, government officials, policy makers, practitioners, community groups, and NGOs are invited to report on their research related to multi-disciplinary perspectives of how cities can be made more resilient to a range of hazards and threats.

    The topics covered during the session will include:

    • To what extent is climate change being considered in the design, planning and construction of buildings/cities?
    • Examples of design, planning, construction or process adaptations that have been undertaken to address hazards/threats that are well established but escalating and/or threats that are emergent and unpredictable.
    • Case studies of trans-disciplinary partnerships that are helping to make cities more resilient.
  • How to register

  • To register, please, visit the online page here.